29 June 2012

short semester

well, for this second year, I gotta take a third semester
or summer classes or short sem...well, you got the drift
and for this short sem, we gotta take 2 subjects, in order to avoid having to extend my year at UPM...and also some of my friends...
2 subjects, 3 credits each, every week may sounds easy, but not so much
since it's a short sem, we gotta squeeze 14 weeks of lesson into 7 weeks
so, from 6 hours, to 12 hours a week...and 3 hours straight each day for one subject
and the first week went smoothly enough...though, I felt sleepy for most of the classes
and we got a quiz next week..on Thursday...hope I manage to study in time
well, good luck to me!!!

22 June 2012

worst paper ever

I just finished with the second last paper, Event Management, and I'm still feeling a bit pissed off
the questions were not really that hard, but they were just so oh troublesome... '-_-
the objective questions were damn confusing...and it was mostly because of the way the languages were used...and yup languageS with the 's'... >_<
the questions were bilinguals...Malay and English...and they were both tend to be ungrammatical and the words were mixed up sometimes..it took me a few tries to understand them properly...besides, my sleepy hangover was a bit on the way...hurmmm...
the, in the next section, we were supposed to calculate some profit and expenses and things like that...the maths were pretty easy but it was a bit hard to put in the data and numbers since there was some confusion on the wordings...and of course, when asked, she said to 'follow the stated numbers'...~sigh~
and the second question on the second section were horrible...I totally butchered the damn thing...
enough to say that I mutilated the paper
haish...I just hope I still got a pretty decent marks

20 June 2012


well, there are some progress for the room
I've finished painting it...and pretty proud to say it came out good...even though I'm not really good at it
and since Canca doesn't care whether she has a closet or not, I decided not to buy another one
just a simple rack or shelves is fine
besides, I'm the one who's gonna organize everything
and now, I'm thinking of doing the beds into 'L' shape...or just change something to maximize the space
well, lets just see how it goes

16 June 2012

the room

well, my sis just got back from London yesterday...
so, I asked her what she wants to do with our room...like does she want a specific colour or what else...
but she said she didn't mind what I did to the room
so, I was thinking of painting it a lilac colour...well, I prefer darker but since the room doesn't get any sun light, it'll be a cave... >_<
and I was thinking of buying black bed covers...or maybe dark purple...since mommy might have an opinion about that...hohoho
as for the closets, mommy already have a few ideas...I just want lots of racks to put my ornaments and decorations and stuff...hehe...
now, I'm not sure whether I really want to paint the room or not...if I'm gonna, I'll have to do it before I go back to school next Wednesday, or Thursday
and better install the closets quick before I start my short sem...if mommy wants to
well, lets just see about it
/(~~, )\

12 June 2012

exam time!!!

well, it's exam time again
and this time, my schedule is spread out...very spread out
1306 & 1406...and next week on 2206-2306
too many gaps for my comfort
well, hope I'll do well, then

10 June 2012


I had a 1Citizen class yesterday...it started at 0900 and ended around 1800
it was about how to be a good citizen when you are using the internet
or something like that
did't pay attention much... ;p
anyway, we got to take an exam after that
it was supposed to be today...but the others wanted to do it yesterday as they wanted to go back today...
out of 1000, I got 889...so, I passed.!.gonna get cert for that...
aaannnddd...I was a bit surprised...coz I did the exercise quite badly...tihihi...
but the not so best part was the part where we had to do something to get the other cert
a portfolio... ('~')
we have to create something based on the taught modules, implement some 1Malaysia in it and pick a theme for our portfolio
it could be anything..maybe a photo, poster, video or some stuff like that
I was thinking of doing a photo with the theme 'internet predators'
wanna do it with Lincha actually..coz she did 'sad' and 'terrified' better than I did... >_<
hope we can
and damn, I hate 'assignments' when it's already exam time

07 June 2012

out with baby bro

on Tuesday, I went to Mid Valley with my baby bro, Adam to watch some movies
I was treating him for his b-day...he's 13 now, btw
we managed to get good seats for 'Man in Black 3' and 'Snow White'
MIB3 was very entertaining and funny
as for 'Snow White', I slept during half of the movie as I was really sleepy... >_<
besides, I'd already watched it with my friends before
and during that time, the cinema was damn freaking cold
we balled ourselves up to keep in the heat...Adam even put his hands inside his shirt the whole time coz it was freezing
brrr... ~('~')~
what was interesting at MV that time was a Mickey Mouse exhibition
it was called 'Mickey Through the Years', if I'm not mistaken
it had all these Mickeys painted and decorated by various people and companies and organizations
there were some from art students, Body Shop, the news...and many more
and they were all so damn amazing!!!

one of the projects there

 they were displayed in cases around the Centre Court

 simply love these creepy Mickeys...hehehe...

 and these were some of the bigger ones;

 I couldn't remember who did the one on the left, but I knew it was about how lace was the 'in-thing' in fashion for the season

 and I adore the devil Mickey on the right...would love to have it in my room...

 and this was the view from above...pretty creative how they did it, weren't they...

other than that, I also bought a pair of black shoes from Momoe
the design was exactly like my red ones
and another interesting happened on the way back
Adam vomited in the train...the horror!!!...hahaha
luckily, I was able to keep on a cool head and we went down at the next station
got him cleaned up (not much to do since it didn't get on his clothes...phew...)
and took the next train home
well, good thing he wasn't sick or anything
maybe the food we ate before just disagree with him
coz I ate what he ate and thank goodness I'm okay
and now, I can't wait for my sis, Canca, to get back from London
so we can discuss on the room painting

05 June 2012


oookaaay...time for some serious updates...ok, maybe not so serious...heee...

well, my b-day was long past...
but I wanna show the presents that I got
they are not much, but very much treasured

these are the presents from my besties, Afiq and Lincha
Anot gave me a black forest cheese cake...but it was just so delicious, I forgot to take a picture of it

and my parents are thinking of giving me new lappy
lets hope I got it

and thanks to all the wishes too