28 October 2011

wanna go back

cant wait to go back to school
just 2 more days
my house is turning my brain into mush
and my body into pudding
im so sorry, self
blame it on this awesome thing we are in

24 October 2011



21 October 2011

punched in the stomach

since the last 3-2 weeks, i decided to take up teakwondo again
i was already a green II...but since that was 11 years ago, i think starting again would be a good decision
the training was held twice, tuesday and thursday
which was really good since the classes for next day started late or none at all (friday)
and also, they fit right in wit my schedule
anyway, last night's training was the least exhausting and brutal
but it was the 1 that gave me a few bruises
on my wrists (especially on the right) and my tummy (but this was not so much)
for the wrists, it got hurt when we were told to punch and someone will blocked it
and since the one who did the blocking was a black belt, the force of the blocking was equivalent to being punched in the hand...hahaha...
it's a good thing when they punched, they didnt really go all out... >.<
as for my tummy, it was when the trainer told us to select a partner and hit each other in the tummy 10 times each
i got hit by 4 different people and one of them was a black belt
it was a good thing my tummy was kinda strong...so, no harm there...
just gotta strengthen it some more

18 October 2011


sometimes we just love to torture ourselves
in various ways
maybe cause we want to test ourselves
or maybe we just like the pain
i'm not sure, either

"eat your heart out, baby"

-sweet smile-

16 October 2011


-breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out-
i have 3 tests on monday (tomorrow...-gasp!-)
or more like midterm exams... '''-_-

0800-1000= hospitality...8 chapters...nuff said
1000-1200= morphology...1 chapter...but more than 10 sub-chapters
1400-1600= critical reading & thinking...2 chapters...not so many sub-chapters but damn lot of possible answers

well, the tests are not exactly 2 hours each...so, maybe it's not that bad (i hope)...
thank goodness i already have german's this week...if not, 4 straight tests for me
and only for hospitality i have to memorize most of the things in it...the other 2 are ok, as long as i understand them (morphology is a good-go...but not so much on the other one...but i think i'll manage...lolz)
lets just hope for the best (and prepare for the worst... >_<)

15 October 2011


inserting a little bit of
into this

12 October 2011

weird habits...paranoia...

top 5 habits i have that others think as weird and kinda make me seemed paranoid

  1. counting...i tend to have the habit of counting most of the things i do...such as clapping, drinking, munching, scratching, brushing my teeth and well, you named it...and my counting is usually 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25...and so on...
  2. jumping the drain...usually, whenever i have to cross a drain, i just jump over it...instead of using the drain cover or 'bridge'...as long as i can, i'll jump...coz i dont trust the cover to hold my weight (even though i dont think im that heavy) as i had a few bad experiences with these things
  3. checking...i have the tendency to check and recheck on things though i know i have them right...like setting up the alarm clock, making sure the door is locked, arranging my clothes...mundane stuff but takes quite a lot of my time...
  4. sealed off the webcam...i just have the thought that if i dont do it, people might see me...and i do it on most computers or lappys that im using...tihihi...
  5. saving and writing...most of the things that i have to do, i'll write them not in 1 place only, i'll also write them somewhere else and also in my phone...moreover, i saved items (such as movies and songs and works) in 3 places, at least...sometimes more...i just have this paranoid thinking that they'll get corrupted or something...hehe

p/s:...there you go...i try to kick off some of these habits as they sometimes interfere with my life...well, at least i dont have OCD...i hope...lolz...

10 October 2011

what kind of serial killer i think i would be

sometimes we like two opposite things that makes people say 'what?!' when they hear it
because it's like a funny or an unthinkable concept to them
prime example, yours truly
i like, i mean, i love horror thriller ghost movies where the people in it are tortured and killed in every way possible
slasher, splatter types are damn awesome
these kind of movies just keep me going...i watch or turn them on whenever i want my creative juices to flow or just to get in the mood to do some work
and on the other hand, i also like musical stuff
where there are love and joy and everybody has a happy ending for them
they are fun to watch...especially when there are a lot of dancing involves
so, people generally would give a reaction like this whenever i tell them i like musicals;
"what?! you like those stuff? i didnt know that. i thought you are into -insert horror or similar type- movies"
well, yes...i like both of them...and i know they are totally different from each other...but there's nothing wrong with it...
so, in answer to the title
i would probably be a serial killer who kills performers and told them to sing or act for me while i slowly torture them...force them to just keep it going with their performance no matter in how much pain they are cause i threaten to torture their families...
oh, my...that thought sure made me think a few things...

08 October 2011

made me think

on the way home, i spotted a sign on a car that made me think things...pretty heavy things...;

07 October 2011

wanna go back

i just wanna go back
back to when i was still
a carefree innocent (oh, reeaallyy...hahaha) girl
didnt have to worry about anything
accept easy homeworks and trivial things

p/s:...sorry...just feeling a bit nostalgic when i looked at some old photos...



06 October 2011

trying to start

i have never been a really avid news reader
sure, whenever i'm home, the only thing i watch on the tv is news
except for the occasionally interesting shows...
but watching and reading are two totally different things
if i'm watching, i dont really have to focus on it...i could do other stuff too
but reading requires concentration and focus...if not, i wouldnt remember what is it i read a few seconds later
and since i'm not at the uni, i figured i have to start reading the news
i meant 'online' when i say this...not really interested in buying them... >.<
well, i hope i can keep this up
and not read just the 'interesting' news...but also the 'real' news

05 October 2011


i woke up at 0530 and i just have that weird feeling
and i kept asking myself
"what the hell is it?"
just as i got back from the bathroom, i remembered
it was because of the dream i had before i woke up
a very weird dream that made me think
"why the hell did i dream those?" ... '''-___-
well, i'll probably forget it in the next hour and lets just hope it'll never occur again

04 October 2011

hardest day of the week

monday is officially the hardest day of the week for me
i've never really dislike it before, despite what others say about it
but seriously, i dont know if i can survive
remember i told you that i have classes for 8 hours straight
well, its really really hard
when i get back in my room, i will feel so damn tired
that i usually dont have enough energy to do anything else except take a shower and sleep
and a pretty long sleep i'll have...from around 1700 till probably around 2300
then, when i wake up
i will feel groggy and hungry and i cant go to the cafe since it'll be closed already
and i wont be able to fell asleep (as what i'm doing right now) anytime soon
well, the upside is, at least i can do some of the works that im suppose to do
so, here's to my survival (-raising a glass and make a toast-)
may i survive for another 10-11 weeks and will not collapse under the 'burden'

it's not so hard

i dont know what is so hard about turning off the tap properly
i really dont
all you have to do after you've finished doing your business in the toilet
is to turn off the tap tightly so that it will not be leaking
sometimes, the water leaking through is so damn obvious
that i cant, for the life of me, figure out why you guys just cant see it
are you BLIND or something
conserve water, people...
remember when the U didnt have water for 2 days
it was hell, wasnt it.....
so, remember to always turn off the tap tightly and properly
its freaking easy