04 October 2011

hardest day of the week

monday is officially the hardest day of the week for me
i've never really dislike it before, despite what others say about it
but seriously, i dont know if i can survive
remember i told you that i have classes for 8 hours straight
well, its really really hard
when i get back in my room, i will feel so damn tired
that i usually dont have enough energy to do anything else except take a shower and sleep
and a pretty long sleep i'll have...from around 1700 till probably around 2300
then, when i wake up
i will feel groggy and hungry and i cant go to the cafe since it'll be closed already
and i wont be able to fell asleep (as what i'm doing right now) anytime soon
well, the upside is, at least i can do some of the works that im suppose to do
so, here's to my survival (-raising a glass and make a toast-)
may i survive for another 10-11 weeks and will not collapse under the 'burden'

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