29 March 2012

fucking serve me right

"What you don't know won't hurt you"
how right that was
and now, here I am
in my room
fucking crying
damn that time of the month (nah, not really...)
making me fucking emotional and stuff
oh, well...
guess another saying is right
"You'll never really know a person"
well, fuck me

22 March 2012

preview; 'Pattani; Di Sini Bermula'

we had a bit of a preview last night
at the Serumpun Food Court
we only did the 1st scene
where the king died
 the one on the left was the old outfit...and on the right was the outfit for the preview
we are gonna wear different things on the actual performance night
 sooo much haaaiiirrr.!.
 it's name is Boboy
it's so cute I can't just keep myself from petting it
but it kinda turn away from girls
guess we are just too 'hot'

 the 3 silly best friends
who are also the palace guards
 there was Mak Inang, a funny character, and me with Aimi, 1 of the dancers
she's also the one in charge of the costumes and make-ups
and she's damn good at it

thank you to my besties
Afiq, Anot and Lincha
for coming to the cafe to watch our very short gimmick
even though you guys have work and studying to do
hope you guys will be able to go to the real thing too
and all are welcome to see us
at Panggung Percubaan, UPM
23rd March (tomorrow)
at 8pm-9.30pm
see you guys there

18 March 2012

remember and forget

it's hard to decide what to remember and what to forget
sometimes, we just can't have one without the other
if we want to remember the sweet times,
we can't do it without remembering the depression we want to forget
if we want to forget the feelings,
we can't do it without forgetting the connections we want to remember
oh my, oh my...
sometimes, the best choice is to just suppressed them
you are not forgetting, but you are not remembering either
but too much can be poisons to your mind
gonna spin out of control sooner or later
it's good if you've practiced it since you were little
oh, well...
things happen for some reasons
we just gotta accept it all
the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly

13 March 2012

get well soon, friend!!!

yesterday was kinda a panicky day
a very good friend of mine got into a little accident with his bike
even he didn't quite sure what happened
maybe the floor was too slippery or things like that
and the worst part was his foot
it wasn't just scrapped, it was skinned.!.

he even had to go to Hospital Serdang
because the doctor at PKU thought it was a bit too serious to be done at PKU
hope you'll get well soon, Afiq
take care

p/s:...we still didn't know where the missing skin was...heee...

09 March 2012


my body is hurting
my throat is sore
my legs are aching
my hands are cramping
but I still feel GOOD
coz these are all the good kind of aches
well, except for the throat...but it's getting better...so.....
anyway, good luck to myself
in training and rehearsing
and when you add
tae-kwon-do with theater
you'll get those
especially when they are one, after the other
oh, well
ganbatte-ne, sayid-chan!!!

07 March 2012

busy bee

this sem seems to be the busiest so far
well, at least for this month
I have rehearsal every night and 2030
and then, on every Tuesday & Thursday
I have tae-kwon-do class
which I am one of the AJK member
and then...
there are all those literature reviews
and mini research that need to be done
hope all will be well

05 March 2012

my new blog

hey-yo...i made a new blog...see up there for the link...or, here you go;
just coz i'm feeling bored...and got too much time on my hands

p/s:...this is a sticky post...just keep on scrolling down for the most recent... X)

03 March 2012


yesterday was a day full of singing
i went to Alamandar with my besties
and we were karaoke-ing for 2 hours
damn, that was tiring for my throat...
and then, at night...
I had another 1-2 hours of singing for the theater
it was fun as the song is silly and we did some silly dances

p/s:...shouldn't have opened what I did... (~_~)

01 March 2012

mirror, mirror on the wall

as a person, or more commonly, as a girl
I sure like to look at reflective things
mirrors, glasses, spoons (haha), screens
anything that can reflect enough
but to have a mirror in my room all the time, where I'll glance at it once a while, is a NO-NO
I have one...of course...how else I'm gonna do my make-up... ;p
but I'll always cover it up or turn it facing the wall or put it in my closet after I've finish using it
I don't know when it started
but maybe coz I've watched or read too much...if you know what I mean...tihihi
I know I'm being silly-ly superstitious...but I just can't help it

p/s:...and oh, welcome March...hope you'll be another good one... X)