30 April 2011


just because you think
that person is important to you
and means a lot to you
doesnt mean that person think
the same way about you
you might be just one of those people
to that person
someone unimportant

28 April 2011

hot & cold

it was too damn hot
so, i woke up feeling grumpy
n sticky...haha...
but now its raining n cold
im happy again
and thank You
i can go back to sleep again

p/s:...dont ave enuf sleep last nite... -.-


im taking a break from studying literature (the exam im gonna have in 5 hours... /(@_*)\ )
or, the proper name of the subject is
A Survey of Prose Forms and Poetry in English
i know...sounds impressive, right
you should have seen the book
1540 pages of poems, short stories and dramas
and also all the explanations about forms, themes, plots and what not
thank goodness we only have to read up on dramas for finals (short stories and poems were done already in test 1 and 2)
and all i gotta do is differentiate the names
whether they are from ancient greek or elizebathan or modern theater
oh, wait...that's the easy part
the hard part is the spelling
oh, well...worse come to worse
just go back to basic;

27 April 2011


im off
to my
1st exam
of this semester

26 April 2011


well, the exam is getting nearer
and im feeling a bit 'excited'

p/s:...my sore throat is better...yipppeee!!!

25 April 2011

sore throat

i have a
sore throat
must have caught it from adam
hope its just a 24-hour thingy

23 April 2011

being consumed

telling myself
not to let it consume me
none of my business

book fair at pwtc

adam (my lil bro) and me went to a book fair today at PWTC
our aimed was to go to kak ain maisarah's booth
named "kedai pink ain maisarah"
we love her books as they were entertaining and educational
and they were not the lovey heavy types
i especially like the "impiana" and "aku mahu" series
well, adam wanted to meet her, so we headed there 1st
there were a lot of people and most of them were girls
adam was the only boy queuing up for her autograph at that time
so, he was kinda shy and said didnt want to do it
but since i was tired and hugry and not in a very good mood,
i used the 'stare' i learned from mommy and forced him to stay in line
after about 30mins, we got to meet kak ain and she asked adam about himself
and what books of hers have we bought...adam told her most of it
which was quite true
after that, we went to gempak starz's booth and i bought 2 "lawak kampus" books
other than the 4 books that we bought, we also got a few freebies from both booths
since we were so hungry, we went to the mall next to PWTC (...i think it was parkson's...hehe)
and we had chicken chop and strawberry shake...both were good
i was so sleepy that i slept for awhile at the foodcourt...lolz
adam used the time to read both "lawak kampus" books
after he had finished, he went to surau and then we went to the station
despite the pouring rain
all and all
it was a very tiring yet satisfying day

the four books and the freebies...hehe...

kak ain's autograph

adam with kak ain

some of 'gempak starz' charas

while waiting for the rain to 'reda'

22 April 2011


there's a saying
"dont play with fire if you dont wanna get burn"
that's why i hate it when they
about what happened to them
when they already know the risk
just suck it up, bitch and bear with it

p/s:...this is a reminder to myself too... X)

21 April 2011


i know what im doing
i dont
i know what im doing is wrong
i dont
i know what im doing is wrong but i still did it
i dont

20 April 2011

what makes the world go around

there is a famous saying/quote
"love makes the world goes around"
a lot of people doesnt agree...but i think it is true
love does make the world goes around

love for money
love for dominance and power
love for violence

you see
because we love those things
the world goes around
and become what it is today


we live in a democratic country
that is govern by aritocracy
and ruled over by capitalism

nice to live in this world, isnt it

19 April 2011

not needed

you only come
when you need something
and when you got it
you left
untill you need something again


i just realize that
though not all
but some saying is so spot on
"boredom kills"
and its a real bitch

18 April 2011

study week

today is the start of study week
but then again
who study during study week, anyway

17 April 2011

not long

despite what u say


p/s:...t-x 2 u... -wink-

16 April 2011


t-x 4 lending me ur ears and shoulders and hands
always there 2 listen

i hope the things will b settled sooner
just call me whenever

we'll have that outing we promised
painting the town red

love you guys


dont tell
dont care
dont give a damn
dats wut u said
oh, well...
u'll noe
the vultures are scavenging
the corpses

15 April 2011

defensive much

why are you so defensive
just ask or say what you wanna say
dont go shifting the conversation
coz i noe whats in your mind
ive seen it




why do i even bother saving you
when you are just going to throw yourself into the fire again
oh, that's right
coz it's you

14 April 2011


freedom is getting nearer day by day
but then again
r we ever truly free
"freedom is an illusion"
my fav quote
taken from bartimaeus in bartimaeus trilogy ( jonathan stroud )
one of the best chara ever

12 April 2011

look back

better enjoy what you have now
coz you dont want to look back one day
and say
"i wish i have (not) done dat"
(or something similar to that)
and all the regrets will come crashing down on you


best friends forever
or as people nowadays called it (BFF)
a bff is usually someone who is
in the same wavelength like u
no matter how diff u guys dress like
but u usually think the same thing
if u r a girl, there r the upside and downside of having a

boy as ur bff
---well, he can help u with matters of the heart when it comes to guy stuff
as he understand guys better (...well, sometimes...lolz...)
---u guys love each other
without having the need to go through any emotional stuff
---he is not emotional
so, u can get objective opinions from him
---even though he knows there is something wrong wit u
he wont push u into telling him untill u want to
---he'll always protect u and able 2
when the situation arise
---he can help u wit lifting heavy stuff whenever u need da help
day or nite
---n, there r no possibilities of
falling for the same guy

girl as ur bff
---gives u emotional support
n let u pour ur heart out while she is crying wit u
---she tends to support u
whenever u wanna get ur revenge on sm bitches
---she knows there is something wrong with u
just by looking at how u dress
---always have the drive to shop wit u
n give objective opinion on ur clothing choices

well, they r pretty much the same anyway...
n if u r a guy, just minus n add a few things
whatever it is,
having a few close friends that u can tell anything to
is sometimes better than ur special someone
coz he/she sometimes doesnt think the way u do

11 April 2011


which 1 will usually gives you more 'hype'
the prospects of doing something
or the thoughts of doing something

10 April 2011

circle of life

break a girl's heart
break a guy's heart
whoever it is
if it's for revenge
it's rarely good
makes bad karma going around

p/s:...may wut u r doing is rite n it didnt come back 2 bite u in the ass...

09 April 2011


got a bite on the hand
and now its swelling up
nah...im not sad at all
its kinda cool actually

08 April 2011


da week of buzy-ness ended
juz have our sketch presentation 2day
it was pretty awesome if i say so myself
sure, we skip (4got) a few...ok, a lot of...lines...
but da story went as smoothly as it can
t-x u guys
lots of luv

far, me, azmira, anot...da casts...

once a while...ave 2 dress like a girl, rite...hoho

1st n last (myb)...lolz



p/s:...well, still ave 1 more test n some assignments...but they r not worth mentioning here...hahaha

07 April 2011

truth vs lies

would you rather have the hurtful truths
or the sweet lies
if it was me, i'd rather have the truths
it will only hurt now
the sweetness will be so much sweeter later
and if you pick the lies
when it become undone
you'll be broken
beyond repair

06 April 2011


im so used to being used
that i dont feel used anymore

fucked up

either its me
or today is a really
fucked up day
nah...it just happens to me
fuck it all

05 April 2011

heart of lies

no matter how much u said it
da opposite is still da truth (...kinda...quite...)
im just trying 2 keep u grounded
not an easy task
all things considered

be strong

i looked at my friends' posts on fb
n realized there r a lot of negativities in there
especially related 2 relationships
well, wutever they r
hope u guys will get through it


da week of presentations has started;
monday (04042011) - basics of entrepreneurship
wednesday (06042011) - agriculture & man
thursday (07042011) - german language
friday (08042011) - a survey of prose forms & poetry in english

da best part is.....next week is da last week
holiday, here we come!!!
oh, wait...not holiday
study week!!!...well, its da same thing
who studies during study week anyway...

03 April 2011

stupid page

i was on9ing and saw some status from Sarkasis
(...who has a really cool blog and fb page...whoever read it should follow it...and like it...)
about a page on fb...i dont wanna say it, coz just thinking about it makes me wanna puke
n i was like
seriously, the page was so effing stupid about girls n guys who upload seriously 'cute' annoying pics of themselves n wait 4 people 2 vote for i
when i read da info on da page, i really am nearly puking my guts out
how fucking fake more can people b
da girls were somewhat understandable but really2 low n the guys...urghhh the guys...
dont they ever heard of 'dignity'...probably not...
if u noe u r sweet, or cute or whatever else, do u really want people 2 vote 4 it...
they ban Sarkasis...coz of some very true stuff it said...
but i think da damn page itself should b closed
wth happend 2 da world

02 April 2011


i have always thought i dont have any kind of allergy
but then, 1 day i realized i was quite wrong
i think im allergic to 2 things
1st, alcohol...it makes me dizzy n a bit suffocating
dats y i always stay far far away from perfume's counter
n i definitely not drinking either
2nd, something i cant identify yet...it makes my nose itches
usually after i eat something...but since its always from diff food
so, im not quite sure what it is
well, whatever it is
im glad my allergy isnt like some people that can lead to death


im dead

hack into pieces

thrown into da desert

so the vultures can feed off

my molting carcass

01 April 2011


if a person knows it, it is a secret
if 2 people noe it, it is still a secret
(coz a secret usually involves 2 people, at least)
if 3 people noe it, it is somewhat still a secret
but just waiting 4 da time 4 it 2 blow
if 4 people or more noe it, its no longer a secret
(unless it involves group killing or something)