23 April 2011

book fair at pwtc

adam (my lil bro) and me went to a book fair today at PWTC
our aimed was to go to kak ain maisarah's booth
named "kedai pink ain maisarah"
we love her books as they were entertaining and educational
and they were not the lovey heavy types
i especially like the "impiana" and "aku mahu" series
well, adam wanted to meet her, so we headed there 1st
there were a lot of people and most of them were girls
adam was the only boy queuing up for her autograph at that time
so, he was kinda shy and said didnt want to do it
but since i was tired and hugry and not in a very good mood,
i used the 'stare' i learned from mommy and forced him to stay in line
after about 30mins, we got to meet kak ain and she asked adam about himself
and what books of hers have we bought...adam told her most of it
which was quite true
after that, we went to gempak starz's booth and i bought 2 "lawak kampus" books
other than the 4 books that we bought, we also got a few freebies from both booths
since we were so hungry, we went to the mall next to PWTC (...i think it was parkson's...hehe)
and we had chicken chop and strawberry shake...both were good
i was so sleepy that i slept for awhile at the foodcourt...lolz
adam used the time to read both "lawak kampus" books
after he had finished, he went to surau and then we went to the station
despite the pouring rain
all and all
it was a very tiring yet satisfying day

the four books and the freebies...hehe...

kak ain's autograph

adam with kak ain

some of 'gempak starz' charas

while waiting for the rain to 'reda'

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