30 January 2012


karma's a bitch
that's only because
you are one
-sweet smile-


getting stronger everyday

24 January 2012

home schedule

gotta sleep early (at least before 0200) so i can wake up early...have accomplished this so far... \(^o^)/
always making sure the room is tidy...also have accomplished this so far... \(^o^)/
eat appropriately and at appropriate time...a bit accomplished... (^.^)v
take note of my money coming and going...also a bit accomplished... (^.^)v
exercise daily...gotta do lots of improvement... /('_')\
if wanna take a nap, do it after 1400 and before 1630...also gotta do lots of improvement... /('_')\

note to self;...just coz you are at home...and don't have anything much to do...doesn't mean you have to live like a total slob or pig...have some discipline, bitch.!.~sweet smile~

23 January 2012

great day with imah and tia

yesterday was a great leisure day
hanging out with my two of my best friends
that i haven't met in a very looong time (3-4 years)
we went to sunway 1st
and after that, to tia's house
we spent the afternoon sleeping and reading the books that we bought earlier
at night, we went to my house
and we had spaghetti carbonara, garlick bread, ayamas fried chicken and also some delicious oranges

hope we can do this again soon, guys
lurve you crazy bitches

16 January 2012


sorry that i haven't got that much time for you
i just got back from singapore
i'll update you on it later
luv ya...

11 January 2012


tomorrow's gonna be
a very
hectic day
full of packing and cleaning
and throwing things i don't need for next sem
and keeping those that i need

p\s:...and, oh...i got german's paper on friday...but that's not really the point now...hehe... >_<

07 January 2012

damn hard

well, the hardest of the hardest
have finished
just two more and then i can go home
oh, yeah baby

p/s:...phonetics, please, i beg you...give me at least a B+...thank you... :|

05 January 2012

losing weight

during this exam period
it's easy to loose weight
and it's not because you want to
it's just coz you are too lazy
to go down to the cafe
or make your own food
like me, for example
if it wasn't for going to classes
i'll probably eat less

p/s:...i'm gonna gorge myself on lots after this is over...ooohhh, yeah!!! X)

02 January 2012

its starting!!!

may these 10 days
come and go