07 September 2012

best choco ever.!.

well, I don't really like chocolate
the brown or dark ones, especially
those bitter-sweet ones...
I like white chocos better coz they are sweeter
but when I try these chocos from Fidani
(my mom got it from her student)
I was like
"DAMN.!. this is some great stuff"

there were a bit hard on the outside
but the inside were all soft
not gooey or anything
just soft

I searched it up on the net
and yes...my guess were correct
they were a bit expensive and hard to find
they were only available at some airports
and I was seriously considering going to KLIA just so I could buy a box
could anyone please buy it for me
pretty please

03 September 2012

it's not fucking hard, you know

this is to those who are living in my house, who are not my parents (duh, obviously...)
you know,
it's not fucking hard to clean up the 'mess' you made
once you used something
just fucking clean it up or put it away
till you wanna use that shit again
it's very fucking simple
did you just use that shit
you did.?.then fucking pick it up and wash or throw it away
I'm fucking tired of cleaning up after your shit
when you are fucking able to do it by yourself
are you my parents.?.no, of course you are not
and just fucking refill the water bottles when you saw it was finished or almost
once again, it's not fucking hard