29 November 2010

doing n thinking n doing

doing things n thinking about it r 2 completely different related subjects
when we wanna do smth, of course we think about it
but there's a limit 2 diz
if u just keep on thinking without doing it, then da headache n frustration will come
if u wanna do smthg, just think about it 4 a moment...da max is 3 days...-eyes rolling-
n just get on n DO it
wutever da outcome is...either (+)ve or (-)ve can b rectified n contemplate on l8er
da problem wit people is dat they smtms get themselves stress out about smthg by thinking about it too much
n they 4get da part where they shud do it
so, just DO it, people, dont think it...(not 2 much anyway...haha)

28 November 2010



26 November 2010


i am so BORED

24 November 2010


i just watched da movie predator...da old 1...n there was dis line dat i kinda like
smthg like diz
"de enemy of my enemy"
"it doesnt make him ur friend"
n it occured 2 me, they shud add a line dat was like diz
"but it makes him my ally"
gr8 movie
nobody lose but nobody won either

23 November 2010

11 hours

4 about 11 hours,
i traveled from kelantan 2 terengganu 2 kl n then back 2 shah alam
i fully used da public transportations dat da gov gave us
i used da bus n da comuter n da taxi
damn tiring n they all ave da same charateristic
they were all so very damn cold
especially da bus
it was freezing...brrr...
thank goodness i survived
but may this will not b repeated again

18 November 2010

pissed off

im so freakin pissed off
y da hell cant i read da mangas properly
hurry up n get fix
cant stand diz 2 long

17 November 2010

hari raya korban

it was 1 of da best hari raya korban...eventhough ahmad n aweh werent here
we had sm trouble at da beginning...da cow just didnt want 2 lay down
myb it knew wut was gonna happend 2 it...haha
n kholi got kicked buy da cow...but since it was down, it didnt do much damage
im 1 of those who gave my akad...other than enak, ayah mat, abah, mat, warith n k.alya...so, 1/7 each
da ritual was awesome...da blood splatterd everywhere...ayah cik, ayah su n kholi got a lot of blood on them...it was cool...believe me...
after dat, we cut up da cow n devided 5kg 4 us n 5kg 4 'sedekah'...it was kinda
tiresome since all parts of it cud b eaten...except da horns n teeth...
hell...even da brain n bones were edible...tihihi
we made da meat into bbq, 'gulai' n we fried it...but i didnt eat any...coz meat was certainly not 1 of da food i like 2 consume...
then we gor 2 eat suti's oreo cheesecake...it was damn good...so good, half of it was finished just under 15 mins...lolz
all n all, 2day was 1 awesome day wit da family

cutting up da meat

blood all over

bbq-ed beef

delicious oreo cheesecake


i just realized smthg
whenever i went back 2 kelantan, there was dis same feeling like when i went back 2 shah alam
there's diz tightness around my chest
n a shortness of breath
its coz im so excited 2 b where i blong
especially, here...in kelantan
i luv it so much here...
da reason i luv dis place is coz of my 'gr8' cuzs...hahaha
n da only reason i dont live here 4 a long time is coz there r none of my fav hanging out places...ie; big malls n cinemas...-wink-
wutever it is, im glad im here now
peace out

16 November 2010


i MISS him...so damn much, it hurts...LOVE u, napi-kun...
i MISS my cousins...but im gonna meet them real soon...so, yeaaa!!!...
i MISS my friends...eventhough we just met yesterday...-eyes rolling-...
i MISS my sis...ummm...kinda...lolz
n most of all
i MISS myself...its time 4 sm me time

last 3

wokeyh...now, its about da last 3 papers
linguistic:...im lovin' it... XD
etnik:...we go on until we cant
pengucapan awam:...highway 2 hell... XP
thank god its all done

13 November 2010


skyline n adele:rise of the mummy were kinda boring
let me in didnt do me good either...but it was better than the other 2...(eyes rolling)
they were all oh-so-predictable
there were nothing in them dat made me wonder wuts gonna happened next
seeing people's limbs being torn off n blood splatterd all over da screen didnt make my heart beat faster
i need more extreme effects
myb dats just coz im a movie buff
watching 3 movies in a day is tiring 2 sm people...but not 2 me
i long 4 it...lolz
well, just gotta keep looking

12 November 2010

at this moment

at this moment...im eating bk's french chicken medium set
at this moment...im waiting 4 da 1620 movie; adele: the rise of the mummy
at this moment...im contemplating the other 2 movies that i just watched; let me in at 11.20 n skyline at 1305 (i came in 15 mins l8...waiting 4 let me in 2 finish...haha)
at this moment...im playing frontierville on fb...coz if not, mommy wud kill me (lolz)
at this moment...im thinkin of whether 2 buy da base n top coats 4 my nails
at this moment...im looking at my friends' fb prof
at this moment...im MISSing him so damn much
at this moment...im updating my blog

11 November 2010


exam recap so far...(as far as i noe...hahaha)
german:...living life 2 da fullest
malay:....life is like a wheel
titas:...live n let live

07 November 2010

not studying

rite now, im not doing wut im suppose 2 do
which is STUDYING
just hanging out wit anot-chan
n wasting a bit of my time away

gila sudey kerana exam

06 November 2010

specky wacky

i finally got a nue pair of glasses/specs (-wink-)

kinda nerdy...i guess...hehehe...

but i still luv it...lolz...

p/s:...i hope diz 1 last longer than all the others...tihihi... X)

05 November 2010

da butterfly effect

step on a butterfly 2day
n in 3 years
3 million people will b wiped out

03 November 2010


smtms, u just ave 2 stop a moment n ask urself
'wut do u live 4?...4 whom?...y?...'

01 November 2010


well, my sports life kinda took off nicely during 1st sem
i went tryouts 4 basketball n softball
i wud go 4 netball (obviously), but they seemd 2 ave enuf people already
our softball team (just ko-Q) got 2nd place out of 6...kinda...lolz
n da K16 basketball team went down during quater final wit ----...
hahahahaha...well, at least we got 2 go 2 quarters...da best 8 out of 16 or more...
anyhow, if i goota choose, i wud choose a sport where i can control da ball wit my bare hands...lolz...

basketballerz (minus 1...lolz...)

besties X)

da tournament banner

group 3's softballers



-well, its not 2 l8, is it...hehe-


i'm so sorry coz i abondoned u 4 such a long time
im gonna update u now