31 August 2012

paint it some more

just finished painting my room some more
I add some black to the white and lilac
and put some 'cute' shapes this time...-wink-
I paint the black using spray paint and I was really bad at it
good thing I had the sense to cover some part of the wall while spraying
but some black still got onto the lilac area
and what's more,
my hands, especially nails, got all this black on them
(the pic in my other blog)
and I didn't have this 'thinner' thingy to get rid of them
but, it did come out a bit when I used my nail polish remover
hohoho... ;p
the painting took longer than it should be
coz I was busy finding the shapes and all
and then having to try them out to familiarize myself with spray paint
and now, I'm sore all over and just wanna lay down for 2 days
but I can't...coz have just a little bit of something more to do
have to drill in those shelves
but gotta wait for dad and morning
don't think my neighbours are gonna like it if I do it now

28 August 2012

where oh where oh where

walking and keep walking
turning and keep turning
where oh where oh where
pebbles turned
rocks tumbled
grounds cracked
where oh where oh where
lethargy sets in
lay down for a bit
close those lovely eyes
and breathe the last sigh

26 August 2012

the devil inside

some people are just too effing cruel
that they should be burned at the stake
and have the corpse drowned
to make sure they really are dead

23 August 2012

having fun with the family

well, this post is about me having awesome time with my quite big family during Syawal
well, we don't really care what the event was
all we care about is the time with each other

this is my small family
my small mixed-up family
with my 'funny' dad who is full of lame-father-jokes
my kinda strict mommy
my clueless but creative baby sis
and my ambitious baby bro
v(^^, )
and yup
I didn't even bother to buy a new 'traditional' clothing for Raya
coz I don't really see the point as I'm not gonna wear it as often as I'm wearing my shirts and pants
in fact, that thing might not even be seen for years later

 and this is me with some of my crazy ass cousins and my sis
love them all dearly
feeling pretty sad of coming back to Shah Alam
a couple of them are going back to London and Ireland
so, will be awhile till we can all meet again

 this was when we were on the way back from Kak Koh's house
we wanted to take pictures with the cemetery as our background actually
but there were lots of mourners
so, we didn't want to appear disrespectful or anything

my baby bro's head who just got his 5 stitches out
he fell down when he was playing with his friends in the bathroom at school
well, hope he learns his lessons

can't wait for all of us to get together again
for our annual R & R Family Day
heard that it will be in Terengganu this year
and there will be pools and beaches
I'm already planning silly games that would make the adults cringe with worry

the yum yum

during Raya, 90% of the things I ate
are jellies, puddings, cakes, muffins, ice-creams.....
well, you get the drift
the only substantial food I ate was
damn spicy noodle soup (I made the 'sambal')
and only 2-3 satays (I helped putting them on stick with my cousies)
so not healthy rite...

the red velvet cake that Suti made
it was freaking delicious
and I'm ashamed to say, I'm the reason it finished so quickly
just can't stop myself.!.
even got the last slice

I think these were from 'Rumah Pudding'
it was a house that we went every year
and it always has this one succulent custard pudding
and other kinds of deserts too

the 1st 3 bowls of trifles that I was making with Yam 

 we made the custard sweeter than necessary

me, slicing up the peaches for the layers
and of course eating bits of it a little

but we didn't put the 3rd layer; the jelly
so, maybe this was a doubles

 the 2nd batch was my own doing
decided to make it before I went home yesterday

 this time, I used some sour black cherries too
but I used the juice from the peaches to soak up the cake (1st layer) a bit

we called the cherries 'scarab beetles'
since we were watching The Mummy Returns at that time

but this time, I did put the jelly
I used the juice from the cherries to make it
so, my trifles had that sweet-sour taste to them
depending on which one you bite into 1st

the first (of many) bowl
I ate it after about 1 hour cooling it in the fridge
just couldn't resist
/(^^, )

 helping mommy making 'kuih gunting'
one of my fav snacks
this was the 2nd batch
the 1st finished before Raya

  Enab made a mistake while trying to make choco indulgence (I think)
too many cocoa powder

 going okay on the next try
I'm just helping her a bit 

the finished cake

now she was putting in the fillings and all
it had 4 layers if I'm not mistaken 

it was pretty nice, considering it was her 1st try
good job.!.

but now, I'm home
so, maybe I should lay down the sweets for a while
my blood can be used as syrup as it is

after an eternity without

well, I'm just exaggerating
it was more like 2 weeks
urmmm...nah...not really
just about 8 days, I think
after about 8 days without the internet,
I'm finally able to reconnect with my beloved
oh, fast awesome internet connection
I dread the day we will part again
well, then
lets enjoy out limited time together to the fullest

15 August 2012

mission 1, complete.!.

well, I've finally done downloading all Conan-kun episodes and movies that I'm able to get to
I'm able to move on now...hahaha...NOT
now, I'm gonna rest Prophy a bit since we are going back to Kelantan today
then, when we get back, I'm gonna try to get to the other missions
and since I already have stock piled on my entertainment, I'm sure I won't get bored over there...
well, then again...I'm never really bored
there are so much to do at the place I called my 2nd home with all my lovely cousins
\(^^, )/
anyway, now, I have hundreds of things to watch and dozens of games to play
ooohhh, yeah
~(*o*)~   |(^.^)|   ~(*o*)~

p/s:...my short sem results (damn, they came out fast...just finished the exams 2 days ago... :O ...) are okay...but I wish it could be better... ('~')\

09 August 2012

procrastination despite tomorrow's exam

got exam tomorrow
Friday, 10082012
will be in the usual class
and will start around 1000
but here I am
in front of the lappy
typing this entry
because I'm too full to move
and because my heart hasn't settle down yet
ganbatte-ne, Sayid-chan!!!

just a little post about 'stuff'

well, today, I'm just gonna go on a materialistic kinda post
just wanna post stuff that I have that was kinda 'recent'
some were from my birthday
and some coz I've been wanting them

all of these plushies were either from a person or from a bank (CIMB octopus)
the latest was the white bear, Lincha gave it to me for my b-day
I would generally never buy a plushie for myself
coz I have this insane notion that they'll come to life and kill me

my new lappy, that I named 'Prophy'
mommy bought it for my b-day too
I just luuurrrveee using it
and I'm doing a lot of purple this year
(black is always)

 these two jeans were what my little sis, Canca, bought for me for my b-day
they were not quite cheap and really glad she wanna buy them
coz I really need new ones, anyway
thanks a lot, sis.!.

the Pokemon capsules I got when I went to iOi mall with one of my besties, Afiq
they were pretty expensive, considering the size
RM5 each
but I'm still gonna keep buying them whenever I have the chance
coz I'm weak like that
~(^^, )~


 my new (below) and old (above) specs
yup...they are basically the same
the difference was just the designs on the specs 'handles'

the cardigan that I have been searching for so long
also bought it at iOi mall
they have some pretty awesome stuff there
it was hard searching for one that is button-up that goes all the way to my chin
most of the button-up cardigans or sweaters for girls that I found, buttons barely till the chest
so, was pretty damn lucky when I found this one

new shoes that mommy bought for me
very2 cheap as it has 50% off
I'm gonna milk her for another pair
buying this one coz I don't have green shoes yet
yeah, it's green...not blue

just a new money-box
actually, I didn't really have to buy it as I can store my money anywhere
like in a huge mug or a regular box
but I just like this post-box-style

so, anyway...
I gotta save some money now
already on the way
coz I really wanna go to London for Canca's graduation
mommy told me to have at least RM3000 if I wanna go
so, I'm on my way to save some
slowly, yet steadily
got only 10 months to do that
hope I'll succeed
(~ ,^^)~ ~(^^, ~)