31 August 2012

paint it some more

just finished painting my room some more
I add some black to the white and lilac
and put some 'cute' shapes this time...-wink-
I paint the black using spray paint and I was really bad at it
good thing I had the sense to cover some part of the wall while spraying
but some black still got onto the lilac area
and what's more,
my hands, especially nails, got all this black on them
(the pic in my other blog)
and I didn't have this 'thinner' thingy to get rid of them
but, it did come out a bit when I used my nail polish remover
hohoho... ;p
the painting took longer than it should be
coz I was busy finding the shapes and all
and then having to try them out to familiarize myself with spray paint
and now, I'm sore all over and just wanna lay down for 2 days
but I can't...coz have just a little bit of something more to do
have to drill in those shelves
but gotta wait for dad and morning
don't think my neighbours are gonna like it if I do it now

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