23 August 2012

having fun with the family

well, this post is about me having awesome time with my quite big family during Syawal
well, we don't really care what the event was
all we care about is the time with each other

this is my small family
my small mixed-up family
with my 'funny' dad who is full of lame-father-jokes
my kinda strict mommy
my clueless but creative baby sis
and my ambitious baby bro
v(^^, )
and yup
I didn't even bother to buy a new 'traditional' clothing for Raya
coz I don't really see the point as I'm not gonna wear it as often as I'm wearing my shirts and pants
in fact, that thing might not even be seen for years later

 and this is me with some of my crazy ass cousins and my sis
love them all dearly
feeling pretty sad of coming back to Shah Alam
a couple of them are going back to London and Ireland
so, will be awhile till we can all meet again

 this was when we were on the way back from Kak Koh's house
we wanted to take pictures with the cemetery as our background actually
but there were lots of mourners
so, we didn't want to appear disrespectful or anything

my baby bro's head who just got his 5 stitches out
he fell down when he was playing with his friends in the bathroom at school
well, hope he learns his lessons

can't wait for all of us to get together again
for our annual R & R Family Day
heard that it will be in Terengganu this year
and there will be pools and beaches
I'm already planning silly games that would make the adults cringe with worry


Anonymous said...

Amazing week with big families..
And as expected, you looked so beautiful on that day, with your natural look :)

lettersfromlaunna said...

Family is what is important... I am happy for you that you had the time with them:)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

Anon:...thanksie.!. XD

Launna:...yup...they are very important indeed... X)