25 December 2012

back home

hello, civilization
by this, I mean superb internet connection
well, just got back from another awesome Family Day
gonna update you when I got the time
right now, I got things to download and watch

14 December 2012

nearing the end

well, it is almost the end of the semester
I feel kinda happy and anxious and a bit sad about it
so many things happened during this term
some were good, some were bad
and some, were just plain crazy and weird
all in all, I had a lot of fun with my friends and classes
hope this last week will be smooth sailing
can't wait for our annual R&R Family Day
this year will be at Kelantan again
but not the usual place
this year will be at Tok Aman Bali Resort, if I'm not mistaken
hope it'll be more awesome than the previous 14 times
( ,^^)A

12 December 2012

some part of me

I'm not a very good human being
I did things that are sometimes just plain bad
but I always try being a good friend...
(yes, there's a difference between being a human and a friend...-wink-)
though I do sometimes slip up
in actuality, I always try to avoid conflict with others, especially my friends
it wasn't for my sake, it's for theirs
coz the mellow-happy-go-lucky me can be downright mean and cruel when I'm pissed off
the words spewing out of my mouth sometimes hurt others so much, they cried
and that's why I always wanna look at feel the bright side of things
always make a fool of myself, being crazy and all
all so that my mouth does not utter hurtful words too often in a mean way

06 December 2012

water shortage

right now, my college is having some water shortage
it pissed me off coz when I was fully prepared before, as they say it might happened, it didn't
but now, I didn't hear any warning, but it happened
damn it...
well, good thing I've managed to save some water
enough to shower and what not for today

04 December 2012

can't register

well, the main reason that I can't register is coz of the fees that I haven't paid yet...heee...totally forgot about it...but then again, even if I did I still can't register...well, I don't think if it's my fault or not...but the story goes like this...to register, we have to have at least 12 credit hours...as for me, I only have 11...and some of the courses, I have to pass this sem's first before I'm able to register...~sigh~...so, that would make it less than 11...ho-hum...whatever it is...I have to wait till the results come out to be able to register the courses...~big sigh~

29 November 2012

just some more

finally manage to update my photo blog;
up next, my Tumblr need to update some more
and I'm also thinking of doing another blog
for the stories that had been held up in my head for quite a while
-thinking and thinking-

27 November 2012

so many things to say

yeah, I do have lots of things to post about
but for now, I don't really have time to really talk about them
so, I'm just gonna talk about the little trivial things that had been happening
well, for one, though I've finished lots of my work
there are still enough to swamp me
and, there are some things that I need money for...
well, I'm not really having money problem
just thinking of the things I'm about to spend them on
is justified or not...like do I really 'need' to...or do I just 'want' to...
then, there are these social obligations
enough said...-wink-
aaand...sometimes I think I fantasize too much
I should just put up another blog
to fill in with all the stories my mind came up with
the mysteries, the crimes, the sex, the murders, the ghosts
gathered from the numerous things I watch and read
last but not least, my sports time
I don't really get to do much nowadays
especially since the rain keeps appearing in the evening
and I have early morning class
weekends are good as I sometimes go back and get to swim
but all in all,
my life is pretty good and I'm thankful for it
as in comparison to the population of some part of the world,
I am, living a good life
: ) 

09 November 2012

out on the 31st

last week, on Wednesday the 31st, 2 of my besties and I decided to dress up and go out since it's the Halloween and it's a Wednesday
which means, there were lots of sale on the little stuff
like movie tix and ice-creams

after about 2-3 hours of putting on make-up (yeah, I know...)
Lincha straightening her hair a bit, me curling my hair a bit, and Anot helping us
we were finally ready
we took these photos in Anot's room...since it was raining heavily outside, and we just wanna capture 'the moment' before our hair was messed up
I decided to wear the dress since it was not my usual attire (shirts and pants) and I just wanna be all girly that day...though I exude my usual 'dark' mood... ;p
Anot was in her usual retro style...like how extra cute she looks in the flora-patterned dress
and Lincha looked real sweet (as always) even though she did put on my bat-shaped necklace

we grab a bite at SR coz it had been quite a while since any of us eat there
but Lincha was not that hungry that time, so, she did some FYP work
how very diligent of her, right

well, this was before going into the cinema
we sure love to take pictures anywhere... (>.<)
rather than Silent Hill 2, we watched Ted that day...
coz Anot didn't like those kind of movies much
and we just wanna have fun

we played bowling before going into the movie...
I lost big time... '-_-
don't know what's wrong with me...ha...ha...
then, before going back, we went to Mines to go to the karaoke place there
we got a very secluded booth and went all crazy, singing out of tune and stuff
especially me...I'm tone deaf

while at Mid, I got to buy my fav BR flavour (Cherry Jubilee) with another scoop free as it was 'Pink Wednesday'
Lincha and I put on pink ribbons when we got in the lines and actually, just one of us was enough
coz there was no way, we could both eat 2 scoops each
the line was pretty long coz since it was also the 31st, BR was giving 50% off on some 'items'

the day ended with the 3 of us feeling damn exhausted
but exhilarated
we are already planning our next big 'outing'
gonna do crazier stuff
at crazier place
(~ ,^^)~   ~(^^, ~)

08 November 2012

the dislikes.....

ok...the start of this entry and the title were actually different...
but I change them coz I wanna write this in a different angle...but the essence of this will basically the same...
I don't hate people...I just dislike them really much...
but not really hating...coz I know, there's a saying "you love what you hate" or something like that...
and sometimes, it really is true...
I've seen people who fall for something or someone they used to hate and hate something or someone they used to love...so, it's like that...
anyway, in my entire life, there are 2 persons I'm close to hating, but not so much...just dislikes...mind you...
the first one, was when I was in high school...and can't really remember the face...only the name... >.< ...
so, the 2nd one was only recently...
well, it has been going on for a while, a couple of years, kinda...
but the irritation and annoyance keep building up and up...day by day...
and then, I snapped...
that thing had the nerve to berate me about something that was totally not my fault and I wasn't even speaking to it...
seriously, what the fuck was you problem, jerk...
you were there that one time, and you had the fucking nerve to speak up, no, to get angry at us...
oh, please...grow up...
you were always whining and complaining when something happened to you...on Twitter and Facebook...fucking grow up already...
just coz you were not included in something, you don't have to be all petty about it...what are you.?.6.?.
and you know why people don't include you, coz you were never there...so, it's all your fucking fault... ~sigh~ ...
so, since that night, I took the liberty of un-following you since I don't wanna know anything about you anyway and I'm not gonna speak to you unless it's important like somebody is dying or something or work related...
and seems like it work out fine coz I really don't wanna look at your stupid face anyway...
and that's why, ever time you open your opinionated but empty mouth, some of us just clamps up till you shut up...
coz really, you just don't have any good ideas and you just freaking like to talk...we don't even know why...
so anyway, I wanna stop sounding petty and shrew-ish for now...
and hope you'll have a fucking wonderful life with your backward ways of not caring about important things...
hope it'll work out fucking fine for you...
-sweet smile-

p/s:...not specifying any gender here...so, don't assume unless you know... X)

01 November 2012

it's sports time.!.

so, anyway
in late September and early October, I've been a bit busy with sports
netball and basketball, especially
they were one week after another
so, gotta practice on both quite a lot
my college, K16, did quite well on both
we got till quarter with netball
and till semi with basketball
I was hoping we could go to final, especially for basketball
since this is my final year already
oh, well...hope they have better luck next year
and next sem, I'm gonna try going in touch rugby and softball
just so I play a lil sports each sem, other than the usual teakwondo

this was when we played it last sem
we lost big time
hope next sem will be a whole lot better

this sem's basketball team members
the red jersey was a new one...just got it before this last game
and as usual when wearing sports attire (especially jerseys), I look like a guy

lets hope I can always do any sports like activities whenever I want
just luuurrrve doing them
even though I'm just an average player
they got me excited and all
besides, they are healthy

27 October 2012

06's KKBians Reunion

so, last month, specifically on the 1st and 2nd of September
I went to a reunion gathering with some of my high school friends
at Kemensah Chalet and Waterfall...it was located near Zoo Negara
we went there for a 2-days-1-night stay
and needless to say, it was pretty great
here are some of the photos and most of them I got from my friends
as their cameras are a lot more cooler than mine
(mine was just a phone...tihihi)

this was us ladies, playing in the 'pool' when the guys were still asleep

the 'pool' was at the 2nd level
the 2nd pic was of the stream at the upper level

playing and swimming and bathing (haha) in the damn cold refreshing place

from the photos, it didn't look really high...but it kinda was
and it was damn fun.!.
ooohhh, yeah
though some of my friends got these red streaks on the faces and bodies after they jumped
guess they must had accidently hit a stick or something

futsal and playing cards were the way we past our time
telling stories while playing tricks on each other

the diligent ladies, preparing for that night's BBQ and using whatever there was around us... >.<
me? I was just taking pictures, not really knowing what to do unless I was told

most of the 'talk' happened in the 'kitchen'

the big rock where most pictures were taken

the delicious food that night
the potatoes that my friends made was especially nice
they had cheese and chicken and meat in them

being silly and all through the night
and I heard the next day, they went on karaoke-ing till 2-3am


and of course...taking hundreds of photos before going back was a must

well, really hope we could it again...sooon...and longer
thanks to those we were diligent enough in organising it
may all of us achieve great things before the next one
\(^o^)/ --(*.*)-- \(^o^)/