12 December 2012

some part of me

I'm not a very good human being
I did things that are sometimes just plain bad
but I always try being a good friend...
(yes, there's a difference between being a human and a friend...-wink-)
though I do sometimes slip up
in actuality, I always try to avoid conflict with others, especially my friends
it wasn't for my sake, it's for theirs
coz the mellow-happy-go-lucky me can be downright mean and cruel when I'm pissed off
the words spewing out of my mouth sometimes hurt others so much, they cried
and that's why I always wanna look at feel the bright side of things
always make a fool of myself, being crazy and all
all so that my mouth does not utter hurtful words too often in a mean way


Launna said...

That's a good way Sayid, just don't let people use you. I do believe in having the least amount of conflict in my life too :)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

conflict sometimes just take away the good and leave us miserable all day or week long