31 December 2011

NY's resolution(s)? wth is that?

new year resolutions...
do we really need it?
is it really effective?
even if we do it, do we follow it?
what is it with a new year anyway
that makes people excited
to me, 1st january of any year is like any other day
that comes the next day
we wake up, we go through the day as best as we can, we go back to sleep
if shit happens, it happens
if great things happen, they happen
as simple as that
no need to get hype up anyway
and if people do ask what is my new year's resolutions
there's only one
be better (in a good way, mind you)
this will automatically include everything
better personalities, better habits, better job...and everything else
besides, we try to be better everyday
so, it isnt really a NY's resolution right...it's everyday resolution...which is way better in my opinion
well, whatever it is
just hope for the best and prepare for the worst

28 December 2011

Family Day 2011, 24-26/12

this year family day was held at bukit keluang beach resort, terengganu...i've been here before a few years ago for english camp...the place was still quite nice...really like the chalets...
that was our family company name and they eye cover was what i used to help me sleep...and also to help me pretend sleeping...haha

this is where we waited for the keys...i waited for about 2 hours waiting for it coz the people in there were late in getting out...mommy was really pissed off...it's a good thing that she didnt go ballistic...this time... >_< ...this is also the time i used to divide us into four groups, as usual, according to age and then size...lolz... 

 we always sat at that table...kinda our own special table...and the food here was really awesome...everyone ate at least 2nd helpings of everything...well, accept for the cake, of course...they were all the same sponge cake...only with different decoration...besides, we have patissiers in our family...

beach volleyball was the first 'tournament' we played...my team lost...hoho...

 during the first night, we played our traditional indoor games...all of these were to gain points for our four groups...

but except mahjong...this was introduce this year...hehe 

 table tennis, congkak, and dart are all basics...we also played some chess and scrabble...i didnt participate as i was the one handling all the scores...quite hard to handle them at first, but i managed... (^.^)v

 since the games were played near the gym, some of us decided to hit it and try on the equipment there...it pretty much had all the basics

and of course we have our 'sukaneka' games...this was some of them stretching out and warming up...guess it helped coz they didnt complaint about legs ache after...unlike the rest of us...hoho

 tarik tali was the first game we played...my group is on the right...we got second place...yeay.!.

 then, there were giant terompah, rock & roll, where we have to roll the hula hoop from one side to the other, and also the walk-on-bricks...we couldnt let our feet touched the sandy part...

 fill the bottles with water were played buy the smaller kids and some of the elder...and the coconut bowling is awesome.!.and quite dangerous...gotta be very careful with our feet and head...

the last game was soccer/futsal..first, the group played against each other...only the guys played this...but after that, we had girls vs boys...us, girls, won...2-1...and i think it was because we played rough...tihihi... ;p

when we have some free time, we went around the resort and took some pics...this is about one of the lobster kinda thingy that we found there...the place was full of marine creatures that it was impossible for you to get hungry...hohoho...there were even 'no fishing' signs all over the place...but of course, no everybody listened...-wink-

 these are of us on the walk way to our chalet and also playing on one of the bull cart at the foyer...that thing could really move.!.
 we also went to the beach...it was about 5-10 mins walk from the resort...a bit sad that we couldnt go into the water... :( ...the waves were too high and ferocious...and this was also the place where my phone started malfunctioning that i couldnt take pics and vids for the last night...grrr...but it's ok now... X)

and of course we had our late night games
where we chased each other for 2 hours (or more)
and played some no-brainer games
this year family day wasnt as fun as last year
that was probably coz we couldnt go into the water
and the swimming pool kinda sucks
but the foods were 1000x better here
they were super awesome.!.
hope we would go to an island next year

21 December 2011

pwetty pwease...

tomorrow is suppose to be the last day
but they say we might have a class on friday
i really hope it's not true

20 December 2011

last week

is the second day
of the last week
of the third sem
the last week of classes, that is
we still have 'study week' and 'final'
but those are all considered as holiday
this is the week that is full of
exam reminders
missing my youth (...?...) already

18 December 2011

oh, webpage

why are you so difficult to make
no wonder people can make big bucks with you
but i have no interest
so, please try to co-operate

17 December 2011

just waiting for it to finish

well, our group's proposal wasn't selected
but by doing so, we have to do other things
and i choose to be a presenter...
because talking is what comes easy to me
i just wish this will finish quickly so we can move on to other assignments
the ones which i look forward more towards to
whatever it is,
despite my feelings that i don't care about winning or losing
i just want tomorrow
goes as smoothly as a baby's bum

14 December 2011

busy body bastards

i don't really mind if you guys talk to me directly
but you pissed me off
when you messed with the head of whom i hold dear
are you guys like afraid of me or something.....
with just 2 weeks left, and this thing cropped out
niiice...reeealy niiice...
have some balls you 3Bs
-sweet smile-

12 December 2011

some dumb presentation

i got news that my group for baksis has to present
for this one "Mega Project" on the 17th
but since we haven't got the 'news' firsthand
we decided not to do anything yet
i'm still mystified why on earth we got it
we suck...seriously...we suck big time
well, whatever it is.....
i hope it's not true


linca, afiq and me went to OU coz we wanted to escape from our work for a bit...well, a while, at least

 we play some bowling after we've bought movie tixs (new year's eve)

 next, we went to the arcade...but i was the only one playing...i danced to para2 and it was kinda horrible...hahaha...pretty exhausted after that... >.<

 off to the food court for a little R&R...and cam whoring, of course...

 and some we took at a pretty faux meadow

and of course we had to take some at the baseless fountain...we get a little wet but it was fun!!!

p/s:...cant wait for another day where we can just forget things and do mindless things...hohoho...