21 November 2014


just fucking pathetic
it's only been barely a week, self
and you got a week more of the quarter to go
lets get this over with and you can dwell on it in a week, yeah
there, there self

23 April 2014

So many things

yeah...sooo many things had happened lately...been to a few events, trips...and also got a new phone, thanks, Mommy.!.now, my days are all pretty pack up...being a busy bee on weekdays, with work, and a social butterfly during weekends...wootwoot...

Lunch with Yummy at Secret Recipe

Escape events with beach themed 'photoshoot'...-giggle-

Fun time at the beach.!.and taking a dip in a hot spring...weee...

Animax Carnival

First photo I posted with the new phone...

well, these are some of the things that I did and went
there are a few others like Doraemon Expo, Bunkasai, Petroscience and some more
just don't have the photos in this phone I'm using right now to update...and I'm too lazy to transfer


23 February 2014

keeping busy

sooo...I'm working now...just part time...as an admin + tutor at a tuition centre...nothing big...but at least I'm doing something productive instead of "slaving" in front of the PC the whole day...hahaha... />.< ...with the works, applications and my other obligations such as updating my many blogs ( ;p ), I'm pretty much keeping busy...and I like it...dumdidumdidum...

well, this is a Draculaura doll...just got it yesterday
a character in Monster High...one of the mains
I've always wanted dolls like this...but they are not that cheap... :I
well, they still scare me coz I'll always thought they'll come alive
but that's what fascinates me

so, till next time, bloggy
sorry I rarely update you
Tumblr is a lot easier
( ,^^)/

14 February 2014

not working

all this distracting
they are not working
did they ever was.?. 0_o
to you, please don't give up
there are people who care about you
-tight hugs-
I know this isn't much
but believe me
good things will happened
and I'm sorry
I'm so so sorry
I can't be there
you'll always be in my prayers
-hugging you tighter-

03 February 2014


I'm really confused now
well, whatever
wishing you all the happiness

02 February 2014

I'm back, baby

sooo...it has been a while...okay...more than a while...sooo sorry, blog...hahaha...so anyway, these are what has been happening last year;

I played in UPM Beauty and The Beast Musical
as the Featherduster
got a bit of couple dancing with Lumiere the Candlestick

went out for Halloween to One Utama and also to The Curve to go to the maid cafe there for the first time
it was pretty cute and nice

went to Lolita and Minapri small fashion show at Farenheit 88
also had some delicious tea party there

my first time going to Comic Fiesta
it was pretty awesome
meeting up with new and old friends
cosplay for the first time too (left photo)
as Sena from Haganai

and even though plushies and dolls kinda scare me,
I sure had a few of them
these 2 new ones were given from a friend
lurve them.!.

sooo...that's all for the moment, I guess
I'll try to update you regularly
if not everyday, at least once a week
-hugs and kisses-