31 July 2011


my cousin, warith, who was in an accident recently had successfully underwent operation to remove the blood clot in his brain...i really hope he doesnt go the way the doctors predict...hope he return to his normal crazy ass self...

hope you get better soon, bro...and you do look like the last air bender...-wink-...hehe


i really like to go to this site
the posts are damn funny
they are freaking hilarious, most of the time
but now im debating with my self whether i should sign up for it
so that i can comment and thumb
i already register for this one

and lots of good stuff on it...never regret...
i like to comment and 'like' the things there
super great websites
hurmmm...maybe i should just sign up then
its not that i have to post anything

30 July 2011


today was the day i was supposed to start my driving practical practice
but something was amiss and we only had our 3 hours theory
the 1st practical will be on wednesday...
the instructor was funny...so the lesson wasnt that boring
though i was feeling sleepy...didnt get much sleep last night
my and sis and i was kinda loud as we kept on goofing around
we didnt get scold but the instructor kept asking us what was so funny
and we just clamp up for a minute
all in all, it was a productive kind of day

p/s:...im feeling hungry now...but just had kfc...damn tummy...hahaha...

27 July 2011


i've passed the freaking test
2nd time's the charm


just got home
from my grandma funeral
may her soul
be with among those who are blessed

24 July 2011

hope for the best

my cousin got in an accident yesterday
and if im not mistaken,
his skull is kinda fractured
gonna have an operation today
doctor said its hard for him to go back to normal
as air had entered the fracture
but i hope he can
he was only 16 and such a smart boy
i wish you well, warith-chan

23 July 2011


i failed the driving computer test this afternoon
im gonna retake it again next wednesday
i hope i'll pass this time

22 July 2011

cried, and not ashamed of it

even though i have read the book more than 10 times
i still cried during the films of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (both parts)
and im not ashamed to admit it

when hermoine had to erase her parents memories
when ron skipped out on them
when dobby died
when they 1st started to defend the castle
when snape died
when remus, tonks and fred died
when snape was begging dumbledore
when snape was holding lily after she died (the sweetest scene ever!!!)
when harry was talking to his dead loved ones

well, i cried a lot about snape
coz that was 1 damn great actor
and i could watch it so many times more
love the books love the movies

20 July 2011


just got back from the hospital
granny is in a critical condition
doctor said not that much time left
im just wishing that she goes peacefully

19 July 2011


2 my beloved blog
it has been a great year


my nails so far
well, some

new theme

not 'this' one
my tumblr


p/s:...just have a lot of time...haha...

16 July 2011

mystery-psychological manga

i like reading mystery-psychological and detective style stories
i just love it when they (the detectives) are solving mysteries
so freaking awesome
but of course, the great ones are the authors...hahaha...
for example, Agatha Christie who created Poirot
and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that brought  Sherlock Holmes to life
and most of all, i like MANGA in this genre

one of my favourite is Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama...though he havent got bigger yet, i like the character...conan-chan is so cute and this is my fav pic of him...so freakin CUTE!!!...hahaha...and shinichi-kun is one cool character...i adore the way conan/shinichi handle himself when he's with ran nee-chan...so sweet...-hearts-...and he loves reading about holmes... X)

Psychometrer Eiji by Ando Yuma is another great one...he's the blond one...lolz...he has the ability to 'read' people's mind and about the people that has touch certain stuff...he cooperate with inspector shima to find the killers and terrorists...a great story about trust and friendship...the other one is tooru...his bff...together, almost no one can beat them...hohoho...

last but not least is Hajime Kindaichi, written by Kanari Youzaburou...although he is kinda silly and stupid, he has 180 IQ count...which is damn high...his grandfather is a famous detective...thus, he always solves cases in order "uphold my grandfather name"...well, that is what he always says...but it was cool, nonetheless... XD

i never got tired of reading them
over and over again...especially conan-chan
cant wait when he will get big again...
and eiji had learnt to trust people again
while hajime is more responsible
lurve you guys

new closet

my closet collapsed
so, i bought a new one
and just finished doing it up
hope this one survives longer
maybe i have too much clothes and 'things'...

14 July 2011

time to fill my tummy and reminiscing at a playground

mommy ask canca and me to meet her at Shangri-La Hotel, KL, yesterday
though i was feeling a bit 'sick', the day turn out to be kinda great

a maze at the hotel...it was kinda fun...
made me remember a maze we used to go to when i was little...an A&W maze...i think it was when we were living in Seremban...so, wanna go there again...ho-hum...

the buffet was damn awesome!!!...all of the dishes were great...but the best was the fried crab...and the most exciting was the desserts...it was like a dessert heaven...cakes, puddings, ice-creams, sorbets, cookies, all kinds of desserts were there...i nearly fainted when i saw them...hahaha...

then we walked to KLCC, since it was quite near...after spending some time at Kinokuniya, we went to the big great playground...i love to come here with my siblings and cousins when i was smaller...well, i still like to come here...haha...but it seemed that i was too big for the slides...lolz...

 that was the reason why we came...we simply lurve playing the spider-web-game...they were exciting...but alas, it was close... :( ...maybe another time...and it was the 'first' time canca got into the pool...guess she forgot...hahaha...

before going back, we went to The Gurdian to buy some eyeshadows and then to Body Shop...i bought my first, kinda, perfume and some body stuff...tihihi...the fragrance doesnt have alcohol which is ok for me...as im kinda allergic to it... '-_- ...after arriving home, we experimented with the eyeshadows according to some videos...it was disastrous...hohoho

my legs are a bit aching coz of the jumping im doing
but its worth it
i really hope i can have another great day at a playground
with my beloved siblings and cousins


i havent update you much
too absorb with the mangas

11 July 2011


dear TONGUE,

i know i bit you quite hard and made you bleed...which was quite a lot
the blood coming down to the chin...he must not like that much
but, its already more than a week...and you should have been better by now
have sympathy to our owner that she cant eat as she usually did
i dont think you need stitches...well, i hope not.....
i promise that i'll try really hard not to bite down on you again
please, heal faster

the one at wrong,

(i bit my tongue last monday and it still hurts this monday... '''-___- ...)

08 July 2011

ghost stories

to whom it may concern,
ghost stories nowadays have lost their...urmmm...charmed...we could say that
they are no longer as scary as they used to be
or, maybe im the one that are getting more immune to them...hmmm...naaahhh...
ok, so...
what i wanna know is, what the hell happened...?!...
i know that other ghost movies other than the thai, japanese and korean movie
are usually not scary...
they are more into shocking scenes than really scary scenes
but now...even those three (thai, japanese, korean) have lose it
they have follow the 'americanize' stuff...we could say that
shocking and suspense moments...which is boooriiing...
so, to the three
please...please...i beg you guys...
please keep on your scary movies as it usually are...
i need it
thank you!!!

hardcore horror movies geek

06 July 2011

up again

my fb is ok now
hope that doesnt happen again

05 July 2011

something's wrong

there's something wrong
with my facebook
if anyone can access it
please tell me
thank you


seems that i've been going out quiet a lot lately
i mean more with my sibs and cuzs
coz i usully just went out alone
like wut im gonna do tomorrow
anyway, this time we went to sunway piramid
we watched transformers 3, played at the arcade and i bought some stuffs
good time

 eating some damn spicy fish cakes at the asian avenue...canca have to gulp down some soy drinks

 in the ferris wheel inside the mall

while waiting for the taxi

till next time

02 July 2011


5 hours
listening to lectures
on road safeties and signs and signals
is enough
to make my head, my eyes, my body
as heavy as it can be

01 July 2011


just registered for a driver's licence
and im still skeptical about it
i prefer to take public transportation
waaay easier
but my parents wanted me to
so, i'll pass this thing
even though i might not even use it
besides, its better to have it in handy