31 December 2010

sweet cuzsss (20/12-22/12)

well, after da fam day sm of my beloved cuzs cm 2 my home 4 3 days
they were; yummy, enab, yah, aweh, aiman n daniel (though aiman practically lives here...lolz)
arrived from da resort on da 19th, we choose 2 rest since our fun-n-hectic wud start da next day
so, early morning on da 20th, we galz went 2 times square since yah avnt been there b4
we played in cosmo world 4 like 5 hours...from 1100 till 1600...haha
enab ave da best day dat day with playing all da rides almost all thrice...
n horror...i puke!!!...on da ride called dizzy izzy...damn...hahaha...thank goodness i made it 2 da toilet...-phewww-...
but at least i gotta ride at da front of my fav ride...da roller coaster...
damn...i luv those kind of rides...unless it involves 2 much tight spinning...
after dat, we went 2 eat at sushi king...though im not a sushi eater myself...but i like da noodles n ramen n stuff...yummy was da sushi lover here...
anyway, enab regret it coz she said it was 2 expensive n she wasnt full...but i think da price was standard prize...well, dats just me...
n then we ave 2 wait 4 more than 30 mins waiting 4 da monorail coz da station was jam pack wit people...-sigh-
on da 21st, we went 2 x-treme park...which was very near 2 my house...just 25 mins of walking or 3 mins of driving...tihihi...(aweh didnt cm...he just slept all day...-eyes rolling-)
we went wall climbing...but i only acted as da photographer...since i'd already done it
aiman was da fastest...about 3 mins... 0.0 ...adam got sm probs at 1st but he pulled through...meanwhile, daniel didnt even get 2 da middle part just a few feet above da ground
oh well, he was only 8...there will b time 2 build da confidence...hehe
after dat, we went 2 eat yummylicious ice-creams at burger king...
on da 3rd day, we just lazzying around da house n my cuzs were packing coz they'll
went back 2 kelantan
LOVE them n MISS them so much
wishing it was him...-heart-
cute christmas decor
da thing dat'll never ever b on my bed....-scared-
enab da driver...vrooommm!!!
yah...da gal dat like 2 do da 'peace' sign... (^.^)v
ooohhh...a t-rex approaching...
mmm...healthylicious meal...-wink-
yummy n me already decided 2 share
wit da egg pudding dat we only rmmbred at de end.. 0.o
just posing wit da chopsticks...tihihi...
ready 2 serve...lolz...
nice girls...nice view...nice rock...hehe


mine was da strawberry...-slurrrppp-...

28 December 2010

monash, australia

checklist 4 monash, australia:

1. IELTS score must b above 6.5 n no individual score below 6.0
--> writing = 6.5/9.0
--> speaking = 6.5/9.0
--> reading = 7.5/9.0
--> listening = 9.0/9.0
--> overall score = 7.5/9.0

2. translated copies of my academic transcript
--> done

3. complition letter from udm
--> done

4. offer letter from monash
--> already got it

5. 150 000
--> dont ave

--> i still cant go to monash, australia, even though im already accepted there coz i dont get mara loan n dad doesnt want 2 make a bank loan...i guess im going back 2 upm...

27 December 2010


rite now im rite in front of de unisza mosque
waiting 4 my dad n bros finish their subuh prayer
after dat we r gonna go 2 da beach
n will cm here again when the offices here r open
hope everything goes well 2day

25 December 2010

'spring' cleaning

since we ave a nue kitchen n toilet n sm other stuff
da house is gonna b under a seige 2 day

24 December 2010

FAMILY DAY 2010 (17/12-19/12)

as promised, im updating u about da family day that was held annualy by the sons n daughters of Haji Rahman n Hajah Rahmah
da family day was held at dusun eco resort, bentong, pahang...where we wud spent 3 days n 2 nites there...only about 45 mins from da house
we were da 1st fam 2 arrive since mommy was da organizer...we arranged da hall n then da room keys
lucky me 4 being early since i get 2 put da rooms 4 us kidz 3 in a row...n of course, i was in da same room wit yummy, enab n sarah...didnt we always...hehe...just minus canca n enchah (... :( ...)
adam n aiman decided 2 get into da freezing swimming pool while waiting 4 de others 2 arrive
not b4 long, ayah mat n mama karimah family arrived
after taking sarah (she's ayah mat's daughter) 2 da room, both of us fell asleep n i woke up when i heard aweh's voice...dat means, everybody (well, almost everybody...since umi's fam cudnt make it...) had arrived...yeeeaaa!!!
i bonded immidietly wit my fav cuzs n we hit it off eventhough they were all below 20...im de eldest in our 'clique' being 21...kak amy, kak alya, n all the other kaks n abgs didnt count as they were not in our 'time'...hahaha
da 1st nite, we were devided into 4 groups (as usual) n then we had charade, musical chair n then da usual craziness of chasing games
da 2nd day, we had flying fox, jungle tracking, indoor games (congkak, chess, dart, table tennis, n scrabble...where they were all devided into 3 cat: below 15, 15-25 n above 25...), shooting range n riddle treasure (made by urs trully... XD ...)
while at nite, we had performances from avery group, bbq (though not as satisfying as previous fam day since we didnt cook it) n price giving ceremony... [1st-G4, 2nd-G3, 3rd-G1(mine!), 4th-G2]...
on da 3rd day, while da adults was having their monthly meeting of da company, we kidz were doing our own stuff playing games in da ice cold water (though it seemed fine after sm time...hehe...)
jotting down da memories
diz year, we got plates
curtesy of abah's fam
(we have had keychains, t-shirts n cups...myb caps 4 next year...-wink-)
da galz of C11 Halia
da ice cold pool
as da water was taken from da river
da hanging bridge was so not scary
dat we stop n pose...stop n pose
wishing it was faster

jungle tracking

bitten by leeches

thank goodness i wasnt
(oh...n he wasnt really in pain...hoho)

table tennis competition

(we lose horribly...hehe)

congkak competition

shoot my heart out

hunting 4 da riddles

annual card nite...lolz...

always happy 2gether ... \(^o^)/ ...

da sweet galz...hehehe...
-me, sarah, yam, enab, yah-

da 'big' guys

-angah, warith, aweh, achik-

ayah chik n mama k anniversary

(k.amy n hanif r 2 of 5 of their children)

half of mine...tihihi...

our winnings

21 December 2010

i will

to my wonderful blog,

i will update u off wut i've been doing
when things has settle down

(ur writer)

19 December 2010

home wit cuzs

wit my lovely cuzs
yummy, aweh, enab n yah

17 December 2010


no internet 4 approx 2 days n a half
b patient, mind

16 December 2010



15 December 2010

family planning

its not wut u guys think it is
im in charge of planning a game 4 our fam day diz year
(oh...wait...im always da 1 in charge4 games...hoho)
n since we already ave a lot of physical stuff...ie; flying fox, jungle tracking n 'tembak sasar'
i decided 2 design a game that'll challenge them mentally
its a game kinda like treasure hunt except u hunt 4 riddles
hehehe...(hope they r not gonna b frustrated by it...lolz...)
i rmmbr...4 da fam day in 2006 or 2007
i made an obstacle-course type of game n they particularly wanted 2 swing my head off
(after they went through it n won it...tihihi)
particulary when they had 2 crush a chicken egg in their mouth!!!...n fill a small bowl with da egg's content...(-eeewww-)
-sigh-...gr8 moment...
4 me dat is...huahuahua
hope diz year fam day gonna b much more enjoyable
(though sm of my close cuzs r not gonna b there...toheng, canca n enchah... T_T ...)
n much more exciting
(eventhough i cant play sm of da games since im conducting)
cant wait 4 diz friday, 17/12/2010
at dusun eco resort, bentong, pahang
wit canca, aweh n toheng
chilling out at mv (2009)

wit toheng, adam, mat, yummy, aweh n warith

smwhere in kl where u can ride horses (2007)

having fun wit yummy n enak

fam day at bachok (2009)

wit aweh, encah, sarah

in da river of taman negara (2007)

13 December 2010

effect of boredom

there's nothing much 2 do 2day
so, i experimented wit my nails

uglaayy 'pyroz'
i'll do better next time



12 December 2010


wut 2 do
wut 2 do
im so bored
i dont noe wut 2 do

11 December 2010

they were ok

well, i guess i did ok
passage 2 of reading was a bit tricky
n da writing part was kinda 'huh...?'
but since dat was over n done wit,
its time 2 PARTAY!!!

not to self:...u only ave until 21st coz that's when da result is out
till then, enjoy

10 December 2010



09 December 2010


im really relieved that my result was ok for diz 1st sem
but, there's always room 4 improvement
now, no need 2 worry about diz anymore
its over n done wit
now, all i ave 2 focus on is my exam on saturday
hope it'll b better than my performance yesterday

p/s:...gotta rmmbr 2 reg 4 courses 2mrrw...-wink-

08 December 2010

blending 2gether

i think i watch movies 2 much
playing games more than enuf
n reading comics on9 as if there's no 2mrrw
now i think im having sm look-into-da-screen-2-much syndrom
i start 2 dream about wut i watched or played or read
im starting 2 c things that r not there
n im starting 2 think wut is not real...real...
myb i shud lay off diz techy stuff 4 a mo'
but then again...saying is tougher than doing
try harder, sayid-chan!!!


when i woke up, my heart was thumpin furiously coz of da dream i just had
it was about i got an exam but i read da wrong subjects
n then, everything was so mess up
when things were heating up, i cudnt bear it
so, i just will myself 2 wake up
gud morning 2 me
guess im just so nervous 4 2day's test
relax, sayid...

07 December 2010


when u r in so much pain (physical...-eyes rolling-)
u gotta rmmbr 2 breathe
coz most of da time, when we r in pain, we tend 2 hold in our breath
bad move
coz dat'll actually intensify da pain
take in small gulp of air 1st...n u'll gradually fell better
so, when in pain
breathe, man...breathe

06 December 2010


rite now, i really need 2 focus wit my study
i ave about 1 week 2 make my parents happy
n then 2 weeks of anticipation 2 da truth
hope everything will b fine n got wut i targeted or more

03 December 2010


smtms we grumble coz we dont ave enuf time
there r just so many things 2 do...n so lil time...
we work hard 2 finish things so dat we will ave time 4 'fun' stuff
we'll bcm too stressed out 2 feel happy about wut we r doing
but then again...
smtms we also grumble when we ave 2 much time
there's nothing 2 do...n we got a lot of time 2 'spare'
we'll try 2 do anything 2 fill in da gap between waking up n going 2 sleep
we'll bcm so bored dat da qi of our body just left us
leaving us like a depleted baloon
so, lets us try 2 use da time we ave in a day wisely
dont pile up da work until u ave no time left 4 urself
but dont do it all at once either...or u'll b facing boredom
just relax n do ur works slowly n nicely
n ave fun when u r done 4 da day

01 December 2010