03 December 2010


smtms we grumble coz we dont ave enuf time
there r just so many things 2 do...n so lil time...
we work hard 2 finish things so dat we will ave time 4 'fun' stuff
we'll bcm too stressed out 2 feel happy about wut we r doing
but then again...
smtms we also grumble when we ave 2 much time
there's nothing 2 do...n we got a lot of time 2 'spare'
we'll try 2 do anything 2 fill in da gap between waking up n going 2 sleep
we'll bcm so bored dat da qi of our body just left us
leaving us like a depleted baloon
so, lets us try 2 use da time we ave in a day wisely
dont pile up da work until u ave no time left 4 urself
but dont do it all at once either...or u'll b facing boredom
just relax n do ur works slowly n nicely
n ave fun when u r done 4 da day


Heidi Shafiq said...

smile.. :)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

im always smiling