24 December 2010

FAMILY DAY 2010 (17/12-19/12)

as promised, im updating u about da family day that was held annualy by the sons n daughters of Haji Rahman n Hajah Rahmah
da family day was held at dusun eco resort, bentong, pahang...where we wud spent 3 days n 2 nites there...only about 45 mins from da house
we were da 1st fam 2 arrive since mommy was da organizer...we arranged da hall n then da room keys
lucky me 4 being early since i get 2 put da rooms 4 us kidz 3 in a row...n of course, i was in da same room wit yummy, enab n sarah...didnt we always...hehe...just minus canca n enchah (... :( ...)
adam n aiman decided 2 get into da freezing swimming pool while waiting 4 de others 2 arrive
not b4 long, ayah mat n mama karimah family arrived
after taking sarah (she's ayah mat's daughter) 2 da room, both of us fell asleep n i woke up when i heard aweh's voice...dat means, everybody (well, almost everybody...since umi's fam cudnt make it...) had arrived...yeeeaaa!!!
i bonded immidietly wit my fav cuzs n we hit it off eventhough they were all below 20...im de eldest in our 'clique' being 21...kak amy, kak alya, n all the other kaks n abgs didnt count as they were not in our 'time'...hahaha
da 1st nite, we were devided into 4 groups (as usual) n then we had charade, musical chair n then da usual craziness of chasing games
da 2nd day, we had flying fox, jungle tracking, indoor games (congkak, chess, dart, table tennis, n scrabble...where they were all devided into 3 cat: below 15, 15-25 n above 25...), shooting range n riddle treasure (made by urs trully... XD ...)
while at nite, we had performances from avery group, bbq (though not as satisfying as previous fam day since we didnt cook it) n price giving ceremony... [1st-G4, 2nd-G3, 3rd-G1(mine!), 4th-G2]...
on da 3rd day, while da adults was having their monthly meeting of da company, we kidz were doing our own stuff playing games in da ice cold water (though it seemed fine after sm time...hehe...)
jotting down da memories
diz year, we got plates
curtesy of abah's fam
(we have had keychains, t-shirts n cups...myb caps 4 next year...-wink-)
da galz of C11 Halia
da ice cold pool
as da water was taken from da river
da hanging bridge was so not scary
dat we stop n pose...stop n pose
wishing it was faster

jungle tracking

bitten by leeches

thank goodness i wasnt
(oh...n he wasnt really in pain...hoho)

table tennis competition

(we lose horribly...hehe)

congkak competition

shoot my heart out

hunting 4 da riddles

annual card nite...lolz...

always happy 2gether ... \(^o^)/ ...

da sweet galz...hehehe...
-me, sarah, yam, enab, yah-

da 'big' guys

-angah, warith, aweh, achik-

ayah chik n mama k anniversary

(k.amy n hanif r 2 of 5 of their children)

half of mine...tihihi...

our winnings


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