15 December 2010

family planning

its not wut u guys think it is
im in charge of planning a game 4 our fam day diz year
(oh...wait...im always da 1 in charge4 games...hoho)
n since we already ave a lot of physical stuff...ie; flying fox, jungle tracking n 'tembak sasar'
i decided 2 design a game that'll challenge them mentally
its a game kinda like treasure hunt except u hunt 4 riddles
hehehe...(hope they r not gonna b frustrated by it...lolz...)
i rmmbr...4 da fam day in 2006 or 2007
i made an obstacle-course type of game n they particularly wanted 2 swing my head off
(after they went through it n won it...tihihi)
particulary when they had 2 crush a chicken egg in their mouth!!!...n fill a small bowl with da egg's content...(-eeewww-)
-sigh-...gr8 moment...
4 me dat is...huahuahua
hope diz year fam day gonna b much more enjoyable
(though sm of my close cuzs r not gonna b there...toheng, canca n enchah... T_T ...)
n much more exciting
(eventhough i cant play sm of da games since im conducting)
cant wait 4 diz friday, 17/12/2010
at dusun eco resort, bentong, pahang
wit canca, aweh n toheng
chilling out at mv (2009)

wit toheng, adam, mat, yummy, aweh n warith

smwhere in kl where u can ride horses (2007)

having fun wit yummy n enak

fam day at bachok (2009)

wit aweh, encah, sarah

in da river of taman negara (2007)


Aweyn said...

i bet its gonna be lotsssssssssss of fun :)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

t-x 4 da confidence