30 September 2010


its just 1 of those things dat is ingrained in ourselves
its 1 of da 7 deadly sins
n its natural
here's about da last 1

greed is da desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring da realm of da spiritual
it is also called avarice or covetousness
da sin of greed is linked wit da animal frog n da colour yellow...ooohhh...shiny...shiny stuff...-wink-
as for da punishment, u r gonna b boiled alive in da most luxurious oil money can buy...hehe...

wut we can say is
u can b greedy
but 4 da rite reason
u can b greedy in achieving good results...or money 2 help da poor...
or smthg like dat...haha
live modestly people
peace out

28 September 2010


happy dat im back on da track
or court in dis case

23 September 2010

lousy ass

i dont noe whether im da 1 dat's getting old
or lil kids nowadays r getting ruder
n since we r on da topic of lousy ass people
da service ad mcd sri serdang SUCKs!!!
i think da manager only listens wut she wants
-double sigh-

22 September 2010

mother nature

mother nature is generous
she is also cruel
4 evrything she gives
she demand smthg else in return

18 September 2010

lappy toppy


y oh y

y da hell do i ave 2 like comics so much
if i didnt read any 4 3 days straight, im gonna ave some kind of withrawal symptoms
i dont noe when...but it seems dat im in love wit them since like 4ever
especially genres like horror, mystery, mature n ecchi (tihihi...-blush-)
comics like death note, elfen lied, battle royale, jigoku shoujo, emerging, goth, n doubt
n i really like comics by junji ito...they r all superb n twisted
im addicted 2 them


death note

junji ito's

16 September 2010


its da time of da assignments
n wut is our 1 gr8 sins of da 7 deadly sins during diz crucial time
its sloth!!!

sloth can b defined as da avoidance of physical n/or spiritual work
...(kinda like da way dat animal moves...one step 4 every 12 hours...lolz)...
diz sin is linked wit da animal goat n da colour light blue
n as 4 da punishments, u'll b thrown in2 da snake pits
...myb so u can excercise ur unused limbs...haha...

so, wut we shud do is 2 get our butts off da couch
n starts doing some work
especially those ass-ignments dat ave 2 b sent next week



15 September 2010

energy level

i cant believe my energy level was so high
but then again
i'd once on9 4 3 days straight...tihihi...
well, i woke up at 0730 n went 2 work at 0900 on tuesday
i was intending 2 go 2 lissa's house 4 da bbq party n really hope my fam cud come 2
but alas...since my bro was still sick...i went there by train around 1850...
about 2 hours of train ride...i arrived at seremban's comuter station n lissa picked me up
she was wit her nue beau...-wink-
since there was no1 i knew except her fam n sm of her friends...so, i just talk wit her bro n beau...hahaha
n then i slept about 0130
i was supposed 2 wake up at 0600 coz i had work...but suddenly i decided 2 try 2 feel how ditching felt like
it was awesome!!!...hahaha
i went out 2 br8fast wit uncle, aunty n lissa...
n then we went home briefly n out again 2 take her boy 2 da clinic
after dat, we decided 2 watch resident evil
it was gr8...but i wanna watch it again...n diz time, in 3D... X)
on da way home...i slept the entire way from seremban's station 2 kl central's
n after missing 2 trains, i was able 2 get on da train n finally...
im HOME...woohoo!!!
n im still up
smtms...i amaze myself...hahaha
peace out

ps:...t-x so much, lissa...i had a gr8 time...luv ya...

13 September 2010

sila blah secepat mungkin

aku mmg x sabar nk tggu ko blah
senang aku nk manage all da stuff
n no more pretending whether i can or not accompany u smwhere
n no more pretending dat i wanna u 2 tag along when im going smwhere
n...no more pretending dat we r not related when we do go out 2gether
coz of ur sucky sense of fashion...oh rite...i 4got...u ave none
wut a huge relief

12 September 2010

nite shift

its official
i really hate...-ok, myb not hate...its such a strong word-...but i really dont like working in da nite
opening is so much easier n drier than closing
besides, time flies by quicker...
n...i starts when da sun comes up n b4 it goes down...
so, there's still light when im going home
thank goodness 2day's da last day im doing nite shift

11 September 2010

no so gr8 1st raya

we were suppose 2 go back 2 sijangkang in da morn...but adam n sya2 were down wit fever...n adam's was especially high...so, we just lazed around in da house...watching tv n using da computer...n then i went 2 work at 1800...i was supposed 2 finish around 0030 but ayah got 'smthg' 2 do...so, i worked until 0200 n he picked me up at 0230...i zoned put as soon as my head hit da pillow...hahaha...n 2day, da 2nd raya, we were still at home...as adam's fever hasnt lift yet...n i gotta work at 1800 2...just cant wait...haha...

09 September 2010

wuts da hype...?...

i dont noe whether im a pessimist or not...
(well myb i am...haha...)
anyway, i dont noe wuts da hype wit raya
its just another event in our short life in diz world
if u r 10, then myb u'll get excited about it
coz it'll b ur 10th raya only n myb da 7 or 8 times dat u'll rmmbr it
but when u r 20 n above...
well...there's nothing nue about it anymore
just more nue family mmbrs while da 1 we noe n luv went away ( :( )
HAPPY HARI RAYA 2 all of u

08 September 2010

y work?

smtms...when we work smwhere
people who wanna noe more than they r supposed 2
as us
'y do u work?'
well, as 4 me...
its so NOT about da money...hahaha...
da money is just da bonus part
i work coz more 2 da fact dat im bored...
i dont want 2 just b at home
sleeping...on9ing...sleeping...reading...sleeping...watching tv...n some more sleeping
i can hear my bones degenerate...
anyway, all work n no play DOESN'T make u a dull person

07 September 2010


take a chill pill...
ur wrath rn't doing no1 any good
wrath...or anger as wut we common people called it...
is 1 of da 7 deadly sins
-eyes rolin-

wrath is manifested in da individual who spurns love n opts instead of fury
kinda like always get irritated wit others...haha
da colour linked wit wrath is (u guessed it) red
n da animal is bear...roar!!!...
as ur punishment, u'll b dismembered alive
myb so dat u can vent out ur anger easily...lolz...

just chillex
n da key is 2
4give n 4get
n also, stop critisizing n notice people too much
coz as far as they noe, u r not important enuff 4 them 2 take notice of

06 September 2010

dont u understand simple languanges

im so freaking pissed
we have told u a lot of times dat we r doing a research on
not malysian cultures or some other *****...
n...da malays' r already taken...
like we'v told u a thousand times
furthermore...plz dont just sent me da web page freakin LINK!!!
i want da damn thing dat u ave compiled
effing hell

-eyes rolling-

seriously, dude
even if u weren't fasting,
u dont ave 2 show it
even i dat ave a legitimate excuse 4 not fasting
didnt drink in front of others
n u guys r suppose 2 b older than me

05 September 2010


gruelling work starts 2mrrw
im so excited


i just remembered...haha...
the other day, on thursday, i think
da asia e u people called me again
n i said dat im rejecting in
n dat he started asking where i'd b studying. in wut course...yada-yada...
n he wish me luck n all...
n said smthg like myb i cud my masters or others there...
but i dont think im gonna apply again as i just realize
da 'e' in it stands 4 'e-learning' which leads 2 unconventional learning
so, dont want dat...lolz
n then when i got back home
there was a letter 4 me
from unisel
saying i got in 4 industrial phsycology...i think...
thanks...but no thanks...

04 September 2010


during fasting month,
it seems people ave more gluttony in them...than any other season
n dis is a big no-no...as it is 1 of da 7 deadly sins

gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which 1 requires
n dis usually especially applied 2 eating...hehehe...
well, da animal symbol 4 dis sin is da pig...(i think dats y there's a phrase 'eating like a pig'...lolz)
n da colour is orange...ooohhh...-eyes rolling-
n ur punishment in hell is dat
u'll b force-fed with rats, toads n snakes...(eeewww!!!)
i'd rather go hungry...dont u think...

so, we must control wut we consumed everyday
n dont eat like there's no 2mrrw...
once in a while is ok, i guess...when u get free food n stuff like dat
its not like
'eat, drink n b merry...4 2mrrw we shall die'


where r u
wanna hear ur voice

03 September 2010


a tze molatu
gem dzsab


02 September 2010


well, since we r on da topic of narcissisisme n being vain
i wud like 2 introduce da next part of da 7 deadly sins
which is...-drum rolling-...PRIDE!!!

pride is da excessive belief in one's own abilities, dat interferes wit da individual's recognition of da grace of GOD
it has been called the sin from which all the other arises...(kinda like da source...i think...lolz)
it is also known as vanity
dis particular sin is linked wit da colour violet n da animal horse...(yee-haa!!!)
n as ur punishment,
u'll b broken on da wheel...(im not sure, but i think it refers 2 da Catherine Wheel)...
mybso dat u can c dat u r not dat gr8 afterall

wut we can deduce is dat
we must always ave pride in wut we do or whom we r
but we must never let it get over our head


ok...i admit it
im a bit vain n narcissistic
a bit...?...hah!!!
more than, i think
rn't we all
we always want to appear better physically
that we tend 2 neglect da most important part of us
which r our spiritual n mental states
n wutever it is
i always refrain myself from criticize sm1 else outer aspect
especially if they cant help it
i mean, we r all GOD's creature rn't we...n we r not so 'perfect' ourselves
unless...if dat particular sm1 don or wear smthg dat is thoroughly not suitable
then, yeah...u can laugh all u want
all in all, stop judging people by wut they wear
coz dats wut they like
if u cud just hear wut others talk about u
u'll shut up immediately
we r different...diverse...unique
so, accept others n stop judging b4 u get 2 noe each other