02 September 2010


well, since we r on da topic of narcissisisme n being vain
i wud like 2 introduce da next part of da 7 deadly sins
which is...-drum rolling-...PRIDE!!!

pride is da excessive belief in one's own abilities, dat interferes wit da individual's recognition of da grace of GOD
it has been called the sin from which all the other arises...(kinda like da source...i think...lolz)
it is also known as vanity
dis particular sin is linked wit da colour violet n da animal horse...(yee-haa!!!)
n as ur punishment,
u'll b broken on da wheel...(im not sure, but i think it refers 2 da Catherine Wheel)...
mybso dat u can c dat u r not dat gr8 afterall

wut we can deduce is dat
we must always ave pride in wut we do or whom we r
but we must never let it get over our head

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