02 September 2010


ok...i admit it
im a bit vain n narcissistic
a bit...?...hah!!!
more than, i think
rn't we all
we always want to appear better physically
that we tend 2 neglect da most important part of us
which r our spiritual n mental states
n wutever it is
i always refrain myself from criticize sm1 else outer aspect
especially if they cant help it
i mean, we r all GOD's creature rn't we...n we r not so 'perfect' ourselves
unless...if dat particular sm1 don or wear smthg dat is thoroughly not suitable
then, yeah...u can laugh all u want
all in all, stop judging people by wut they wear
coz dats wut they like
if u cud just hear wut others talk about u
u'll shut up immediately
we r different...diverse...unique
so, accept others n stop judging b4 u get 2 noe each other

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