07 September 2010


take a chill pill...
ur wrath rn't doing no1 any good
wrath...or anger as wut we common people called it...
is 1 of da 7 deadly sins
-eyes rolin-

wrath is manifested in da individual who spurns love n opts instead of fury
kinda like always get irritated wit others...haha
da colour linked wit wrath is (u guessed it) red
n da animal is bear...roar!!!...
as ur punishment, u'll b dismembered alive
myb so dat u can vent out ur anger easily...lolz...

just chillex
n da key is 2
4give n 4get
n also, stop critisizing n notice people too much
coz as far as they noe, u r not important enuff 4 them 2 take notice of

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