23 July 2012

not 'enough' time

lately, I've been busy
very, very, busy
so busy that I rarely had time to go to the site I usually visited
I went on FB only for a few mins to see whether I had notification or to type in a few words...I didn't even know a close friend of mine cut her hair, till she texted me about it
haven't update Tumblr in quite a while
Twitter was just there...open, but not really interacting with anyone
can't remember the last time I was on Formspring...maybe I should go check it now...heee...
just too busy to go to other sites and spending some time there
even Blogger I just look at it fleetingly, once in a while
just been very, very, busy
with what , you ask.?.
with downloading Detective Conan anime
it has 600+ episodes and still ongoing
in a few days, I managed to get till the 300th episode
I downloaded most of them when I was at home...
right now, I'm giving my lappy a rest...
gonna continue sometime tomorrow
and next up, I'm gonna continue downloading every anime that I can remember that I like
been searching for Jigoku Shoujo for quite a while now...it's pretty hard to find
oh well...jut gotta try harder

19 July 2012

2nd year

well, today marks the 2nd year of this blog
even though I didn't post something
but at least I've managed to post something
every month
keep up the good work ya,

18 July 2012


well, Ramadhan is coming...
and as usual, I'm not that excited about it
for me, it's just another obligation, just another something that we had to do
and the same with Syawal...it's to celebrate how we managed to go through the fasting month successfully
(I've made kinda the same entry a year ago; old or cynical )
but really, nowadays, people just celebrate it for all the superficial reasons
they buy expensive stuff, do things to impress others...you know
birthdays, events, celebrations...
ahhh...the superficial aspects of human nature...
well, I'm not excluded...sometimes, I was like that too... >.<
you know how human is...
getting all excited doing things that they think the other party will like
or impressed by
oh, well...
without the superficial aspects, we are not human
just as long as you not letting it consume you too much
by buying too much new clothes, too much new furniture
just to celebrate that one event
it's stupid...and I'm ashamed to say, I'm stupid like that too, sometimes
now, I'm just trying to buy things for the long haul
not for that one thing, but just so I can use them over and over again, through the course of time
oh, well...lets be a bit superficial
just not too much...and make it seldom

13 July 2012


I'm at home now
taking a break from the hectic short sem
we are just in our third week...got 4-5 weeks more to go
and I think we are gonna have another test next Tuesday, but I'm not so sure
heee... >_<
well, I like coming home, coz of the internet...and...people...haha
but I just wish they wouldn't ask me to do chores so much
coz there are, 2 more able person, here
~sigh~ ... '''-___-
whatever it is, I'm just gonna spend lots of time in my room (well, I always do, no matter where I am... ;p )
and since we've 'upgrade' the internet, so much more easier

09 July 2012









06 July 2012

weird silly interesting dream

I had the weirdest, silliest but quite interesting dream I've ever remember...
in the dream, my family secretly 'engaged' me with some guy...I think it was a family friend's son...
and I was protesting it a lot...
even stayed in the uni during the holiday just so I won't be at home...hohoho...
but the ring, I could't pull it off...and it was a really nice diamond ring...if I say so, myself
and all my friends were gushing over it while I hate it... (>_<)
then, when I went home for awhile, my family tricked me into going to a store or a mall
but instead, they brought me to the wedding...
and I was so pissed off, I cried and then, I started being very, very violent
and that was when I woke up... 0_0
and I was like, "What the hell..."
then, I know I had to go to the bathroom...hahahaha...
well, I guess, it was because I was watching an episode in 'Charmed' where Prue was forced to marry a demon of some sort
coz I've always like putting on a movie or something like that before I slept coz I know they can be incorporated into my dream
well, choose other type, next time

02 July 2012

MacBee shooting

well, this happened in May...early May...
it was about a shooting of a short video for my friends' class...
the story entitled 'MacBee'...an adaptation of MacBeth...

these are the'crews'...well, accept for Far...she was the one taking the picture...heee...

and this was me as the director and photographer... >_<

 the friends that I was helping...it was for their class...

Lincha was the lead...as MacBee...she was the one who changed 'costume' a lot
the centre picture was after I've finished doing her make-up
and the third was when she (her character) was about to commit suicide

 Far as the gypsy fortune teller...and also the villain behind the murders...

Vivian acted as MacBee's hubby...she had to wear this jacket to hide her long hair...tihihi...

 and these were Anot and Eyla as the ghosts
they were murdered by the couple...
loved to watch when they acted out their ghost part

I was also the lawyer and one of the assassin...the other one was Lincha's bf
I was damn nervous being the lawyer...co I have to speak and all
being the assassin was easy...just do the action, and my face was hidden anyway

all in all, it was truly a great and fun day
we managed to finished everything in one day
and also glad to know that they got 2nd place and won the best setting, if I'm not mistaken
they also got other 'awards' but I couldn't remember now
hope we can do this again in the future