27 October 2012

06's KKBians Reunion

so, last month, specifically on the 1st and 2nd of September
I went to a reunion gathering with some of my high school friends
at Kemensah Chalet and Waterfall...it was located near Zoo Negara
we went there for a 2-days-1-night stay
and needless to say, it was pretty great
here are some of the photos and most of them I got from my friends
as their cameras are a lot more cooler than mine
(mine was just a phone...tihihi)

this was us ladies, playing in the 'pool' when the guys were still asleep

the 'pool' was at the 2nd level
the 2nd pic was of the stream at the upper level

playing and swimming and bathing (haha) in the damn cold refreshing place

from the photos, it didn't look really high...but it kinda was
and it was damn fun.!.
ooohhh, yeah
though some of my friends got these red streaks on the faces and bodies after they jumped
guess they must had accidently hit a stick or something

futsal and playing cards were the way we past our time
telling stories while playing tricks on each other

the diligent ladies, preparing for that night's BBQ and using whatever there was around us... >.<
me? I was just taking pictures, not really knowing what to do unless I was told

most of the 'talk' happened in the 'kitchen'

the big rock where most pictures were taken

the delicious food that night
the potatoes that my friends made was especially nice
they had cheese and chicken and meat in them

being silly and all through the night
and I heard the next day, they went on karaoke-ing till 2-3am


and of course...taking hundreds of photos before going back was a must

well, really hope we could it again...sooon...and longer
thanks to those we were diligent enough in organising it
may all of us achieve great things before the next one
\(^o^)/ --(*.*)-- \(^o^)/

26 October 2012

after quite a while

well, after more than a month,
I've finally managed to read the blogs I follow
and also update mine, starting with this one entry
I'm gonna update it gradually with things that had been happening since September
but on this post, I'm just gonna update on how
ashamed I am with my performance in the last mid term tests
it was the lowest of the low, for me
sure, I did get some of those high marks
but they are eclipsed by that damn low marks
I better pull my game
or I'm outta this house