28 July 2013

fresh start.!.wubwub~~~

for years, I've somewhat been keeping several diaries
yeah, I know...I don't really seem 'that' type...harhar...
anyway, I think it's time I burn them all and just keep simple journals
journals where I jotted down random thoughts and feelings in simple sentences
journals where I sketch or doodle anything that comes to mind
yeah, I think that would be better than writing in handwritings that even I sometimes don't understand myself
if I wanna write anything long, I'll just 'write' it here, in this blog
gotta be more 'focus'...and fresher...

just got in

just had the time to log in into my numerous e-mails
and other stuff
and damn, there sure are a lot of stuff I gotta handle
at least before 15082013

20 July 2013

Happy 3rd B-day.!.

HAPPY 3rd B-DAY.!. to my lovely blog
you've been with me for 3 years as of yesterday (19072013)
I know I've neglected you for a while
and I know sometimes the things I wrote were somewhat cryptic
but I know you've always understand me, anyway
lets hope there are many more years to come for us
and here's a delicious candy cake for you
(~ ,^^)~

16 July 2013

after such a long time

we meet again...after such a freaking long time
it was like 6-7 months...
so many things happened
I'll tell them bit by bit
currently, I'm working part time for my aunt with my lil sis
we just sell some stuff like brooches, head scarves, necklaces, rings.....
the job is from 10am to 10pm...yup, 12 hours
but no worries...it isn't tiring at all
just pretty bored sometimes
good thing I have my books and lappy
well, I'm working basically coz I don't wanna be bored at home
so, this is it for now
I promise I'll update 6-7 months worth of events soon
later alligator
( ,^^)/