25 December 2012

back home

hello, civilization
by this, I mean superb internet connection
well, just got back from another awesome Family Day
gonna update you when I got the time
right now, I got things to download and watch

14 December 2012

nearing the end

well, it is almost the end of the semester
I feel kinda happy and anxious and a bit sad about it
so many things happened during this term
some were good, some were bad
and some, were just plain crazy and weird
all in all, I had a lot of fun with my friends and classes
hope this last week will be smooth sailing
can't wait for our annual R&R Family Day
this year will be at Kelantan again
but not the usual place
this year will be at Tok Aman Bali Resort, if I'm not mistaken
hope it'll be more awesome than the previous 14 times
( ,^^)A

12 December 2012

some part of me

I'm not a very good human being
I did things that are sometimes just plain bad
but I always try being a good friend...
(yes, there's a difference between being a human and a friend...-wink-)
though I do sometimes slip up
in actuality, I always try to avoid conflict with others, especially my friends
it wasn't for my sake, it's for theirs
coz the mellow-happy-go-lucky me can be downright mean and cruel when I'm pissed off
the words spewing out of my mouth sometimes hurt others so much, they cried
and that's why I always wanna look at feel the bright side of things
always make a fool of myself, being crazy and all
all so that my mouth does not utter hurtful words too often in a mean way

06 December 2012

water shortage

right now, my college is having some water shortage
it pissed me off coz when I was fully prepared before, as they say it might happened, it didn't
but now, I didn't hear any warning, but it happened
damn it...
well, good thing I've managed to save some water
enough to shower and what not for today

04 December 2012

can't register

well, the main reason that I can't register is coz of the fees that I haven't paid yet...heee...totally forgot about it...but then again, even if I did I still can't register...well, I don't think if it's my fault or not...but the story goes like this...to register, we have to have at least 12 credit hours...as for me, I only have 11...and some of the courses, I have to pass this sem's first before I'm able to register...~sigh~...so, that would make it less than 11...ho-hum...whatever it is...I have to wait till the results come out to be able to register the courses...~big sigh~