25 February 2012

1st week

well, it's Saturday now
the 1st week of the new sem is almost over
I'm still a bit 'blur' in class
thinking things like, "What the hell is she/he talking about"
and now some of my friends and I are down to only 15 credit hours
which is not so good as it's better if we take at least 1 more thing
it's too little
already got most of my text books
there are some that haven't been mention yet or aren't in the store
can say that this week goes pretty smoothly
and oh yeah...
Anot and I are trying to involve ourselves in FESTIK
well, at least I did...I drag her...tihihi
hope next week would be better

17 February 2012


just arrived at UPM this afternoon
not that much people here
and i couldn't organize all my stuff
as some of them are in the storage area
gotta wait till tomorrow
but at least i got a head start
won't be that messy when all my roomies arrive
and my muscles were damn sore after 3-4 trips
up and down
about 4 flight of stairs
can't wait to get obsessive over my daily schedules again

16 February 2012

clean up

have to clean up the whole house today
coz i'm going back to U tomorrow
have to
-organize the the books...including those in Adam's room
-wash the dishes and organize them on the dish rack nicely
-clean up the living room real nice
-clean up the kitchen real nice
-clean up the bathroom real nice
-wash the stove and the fridge
-organize my room...stuff to bring, and stuff to stay
-last but not leas, sweep and mop all over...
well, guess that's all
get to work, you lazy ass

p/s:...i'm writing this post just to procrastinate...hahaha... >_<

14 February 2012

awesome great days in Singapore (13-15012012)

last month, i went Singapore my family...there were my cousins, my aunts and uncles...the 1st place we went to was Universal Studio Singapore

had to wear the sunglasses since the sun was very bright that day 

one of the many cute stands over there...they were very interesting... XD 

 with some of the many quaint and awesome picture taking places...they even had 1 or 2 person(s) there to help us took the pictures

in the Madagascar area was the first ride we went in...it was entertaining and also the dance routine after that...the penguins were so damn cute.!. --(^x^)--

 then, we went to Far Far Away Land (i think it was called that) where we took some pictures at Shrek's house (haha) and was taken into a 4D movie...it was really real like with the water spray and sensations on our whole body...

 the dinosaur place was kinda boring a bit...but a bit fun nonetheless... >_<
 Waterworld was also very entertaining...they staged the movie very real like...with the flame and the boat and the plane...and quite cute actors too...tihihi...

the place was really cursed...haha...jk...but we went into the ride a few times...it was dark and the journey to get there was very thrilling... 

a great performance by the Rockefeller group 

and also another quaint antique items on New York section...would love to have the jukebox... ~(*o*)~

the humans ant the cyclons...the later was the greatest ride there...we rode it numerous times...

the Transformers rite really can make your blood pumped...with hot bullets grazing your cheeks and hair rising sensations as you plunged down the buildings... O_O

the end of the day parade...very2 old school looking...hehe

 at the entrance of Marina Barrage...it was about conserving water and converting it...we went here on the next day

 getting up here was very tiring, yet fulfilling...hee

 they sure knew how to convey information in very fun ways... (^.^)v

couldn't believe he bit his tongue eating Baskin Robbins... '-_-

we ate here the night after we went to USS...it was pretty delicious...

we went by bus on the 1st day and by car on the second day
we were staying at a MARA guest house in JB
really hope can do it again soon
and maybe this time
with my beloved friends

12 February 2012

adam's 1st day at mrsm kkb (08022012)

to my baby bro for getting into MRSM KKB
where canca and i went
and hope you have a great time there
like i did
and be friends with everyone, k
dont get bullied, and dont be one
love you, adamon.!.
otw there...he's feeling so nervous, he was nauseous...haha

 getting the forms and all...

using the mini stage as a table...and the speaker was rite next to us... >_<

arranging his stuff in his new room

 looking around...he's at F-3-5...the F1 students got the 3rd floor...

 trying on the 'complicated' tie for the 1st time... >_<

 very, very damaged door... '-_-

climbing up the damn long stairs... ~(^.^)~

1st homeroom meeting...he got a teacher named M. Hafizuddin...a new one, i guess...since i dont know him...

ALL THE BEST 2 u, adam!!!