18 July 2012


well, Ramadhan is coming...
and as usual, I'm not that excited about it
for me, it's just another obligation, just another something that we had to do
and the same with Syawal...it's to celebrate how we managed to go through the fasting month successfully
(I've made kinda the same entry a year ago; old or cynical )
but really, nowadays, people just celebrate it for all the superficial reasons
they buy expensive stuff, do things to impress others...you know
birthdays, events, celebrations...
ahhh...the superficial aspects of human nature...
well, I'm not excluded...sometimes, I was like that too... >.<
you know how human is...
getting all excited doing things that they think the other party will like
or impressed by
oh, well...
without the superficial aspects, we are not human
just as long as you not letting it consume you too much
by buying too much new clothes, too much new furniture
just to celebrate that one event
it's stupid...and I'm ashamed to say, I'm stupid like that too, sometimes
now, I'm just trying to buy things for the long haul
not for that one thing, but just so I can use them over and over again, through the course of time
oh, well...lets be a bit superficial
just not too much...and make it seldom


artista sem pena said...

Well said!
When a ritual becomes an excuse for consumption, the main purpose is lost.

Sayid Ann Ima said...

you got that right, sir