13 July 2012


I'm at home now
taking a break from the hectic short sem
we are just in our third week...got 4-5 weeks more to go
and I think we are gonna have another test next Tuesday, but I'm not so sure
heee... >_<
well, I like coming home, coz of the internet...and...people...haha
but I just wish they wouldn't ask me to do chores so much
coz there are, 2 more able person, here
~sigh~ ... '''-___-
whatever it is, I'm just gonna spend lots of time in my room (well, I always do, no matter where I am... ;p )
and since we've 'upgrade' the internet, so much more easier


bujal X said...

tak gi holiday?

Sayid Ann Ima said...

cuti 4 hari sahaja
x sempat la
ada 3 assignment perlu buat
dan 1 test perlu study