31 August 2010


its time 2 get envious of others
no...jk...its just 1 of da 7 deadly sins
once in a while, we tend to get envious (the root word is 'envy') or jealous of others
we cant help it, can we...its human nature...lolz

anyway, da sin of envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities or situations
n u get da dog as ur animal n da colour is green (surprise...surprise -eyes rolling-)
well, those who always envy others gotta spend iternity in freezing water in hell
haha...dats kinda ironic...

da morale is
its good smtms 2 b jealous of others
n 2 use it 2 better urself
but excessively, its so not good
well, think positive of others, ya

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