29 August 2010


wut do u think about when u hear da word 'LUST'
i noe...dont ave 2 tell me...haha
well, anyway...it is 1 of da 7 deadly sins...
dont noe wut they r...?...well, look it up
if u can read dis...4 sure u can search about it...-eyes rolling-

well, it was defined as an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body
or as Aristotle said, excesive love of others that rendered the love to GOD secondary
4 lust, da animal was da cow n da colour was blue
(dont ask me y...haha)
n as ur punishment, it was said dat u'll b smothered wit fire n brimstones
so, no kisses 4 u...lolz

wut i can say is, just be moderate in all ur doings
dont worry, its ok 2 smtms show ur 'lurve' 2 others
just dont smother them wit it

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