02 February 2014

I'm back, baby

sooo...it has been a while...okay...more than a while...sooo sorry, blog...hahaha...so anyway, these are what has been happening last year;

I played in UPM Beauty and The Beast Musical
as the Featherduster
got a bit of couple dancing with Lumiere the Candlestick

went out for Halloween to One Utama and also to The Curve to go to the maid cafe there for the first time
it was pretty cute and nice

went to Lolita and Minapri small fashion show at Farenheit 88
also had some delicious tea party there

my first time going to Comic Fiesta
it was pretty awesome
meeting up with new and old friends
cosplay for the first time too (left photo)
as Sena from Haganai

and even though plushies and dolls kinda scare me,
I sure had a few of them
these 2 new ones were given from a friend
lurve them.!.

sooo...that's all for the moment, I guess
I'll try to update you regularly
if not everyday, at least once a week
-hugs and kisses-


Launna said...

Glad to see you back posting Sayid... you have been a busy girl :)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

yes I have...heee...phew... :3

Sparkle said...

so sweet! <3
maybe we can follow each other? let me know! http://locastrica.blogspot.com/