26 November 2013

R & R Family Day 2013 (1508-1708)

so...last August, we had our annual R&R Family Day
it was held at a Hot Spring in Perak
it was pretty awesome
as always

first night was game night as usual
first time I wasn't the "game-master"

the road where many games happened

some of the great sceneries there

the Air (mine!), Fire and Water benders...hahaha...
didn't have any of the Earth, apparently
gomen... />___<'''

the games we played against other groups
fun as always

Canca's b-day cake....which was freaking delicious
and the damn delicious cucur udang that we girls gulped down first
before anyone else

showing our appreciation to Mommy and Ayah
for their 25th anniversary
<3 <3 <3

every family got this
and I must say...it was pretty awesome
and making the rice very neat and clean

us kawaii girls
black-and-white was the theme
and I won one of the best dressed prizes

can't wait for next year
gonna be in Pulau Langkawi
ooohhh yeah, baby
(~ ,^^)~   ~(^^, ~)

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Launna said...

Sayid, you sound like you had a ball, that's awesome... the food looks delicious :)