31 December 2011

NY's resolution(s)? wth is that?

new year resolutions...
do we really need it?
is it really effective?
even if we do it, do we follow it?
what is it with a new year anyway
that makes people excited
to me, 1st january of any year is like any other day
that comes the next day
we wake up, we go through the day as best as we can, we go back to sleep
if shit happens, it happens
if great things happen, they happen
as simple as that
no need to get hype up anyway
and if people do ask what is my new year's resolutions
there's only one
be better (in a good way, mind you)
this will automatically include everything
better personalities, better habits, better job...and everything else
besides, we try to be better everyday
so, it isnt really a NY's resolution right...it's everyday resolution...which is way better in my opinion
well, whatever it is
just hope for the best and prepare for the worst


Anas Clay said...

agree... =)
Same wit me,, frankly I feel nothing special with new year.. never join new year celebration though.. lol

Sayid Ann Ima said...

skali skala ada join juga
tp, bkn sebab nk celebrate sgt
more like sebab nk hang out
with family and friends