27 November 2012

so many things to say

yeah, I do have lots of things to post about
but for now, I don't really have time to really talk about them
so, I'm just gonna talk about the little trivial things that had been happening
well, for one, though I've finished lots of my work
there are still enough to swamp me
and, there are some things that I need money for...
well, I'm not really having money problem
just thinking of the things I'm about to spend them on
is justified or not...like do I really 'need' to...or do I just 'want' to...
then, there are these social obligations
enough said...-wink-
aaand...sometimes I think I fantasize too much
I should just put up another blog
to fill in with all the stories my mind came up with
the mysteries, the crimes, the sex, the murders, the ghosts
gathered from the numerous things I watch and read
last but not least, my sports time
I don't really get to do much nowadays
especially since the rain keeps appearing in the evening
and I have early morning class
weekends are good as I sometimes go back and get to swim
but all in all,
my life is pretty good and I'm thankful for it
as in comparison to the population of some part of the world,
I am, living a good life
: ) 


Launna said...

Rambling is a good thing sometimes, it helps to clear your mind of clutter.

Thank you for posting on my blog Sayid... I appreciate every comment:)

Hipi said...

yays to positivity & gratefulness. whatever that thing u wanted to buy, if it can bring happiness to u long time, then buy it. hahahaha! :D

Sayid Ann Ima said...

Launna: ...thanks to you too...and I like reading your blog... X) ...yeah, you are right...rambling is good sometimes... >.<

Hipi: ...it does bring happiness...but I don't really need it...just want it...tihihi...