09 November 2012

out on the 31st

last week, on Wednesday the 31st, 2 of my besties and I decided to dress up and go out since it's the Halloween and it's a Wednesday
which means, there were lots of sale on the little stuff
like movie tix and ice-creams

after about 2-3 hours of putting on make-up (yeah, I know...)
Lincha straightening her hair a bit, me curling my hair a bit, and Anot helping us
we were finally ready
we took these photos in Anot's room...since it was raining heavily outside, and we just wanna capture 'the moment' before our hair was messed up
I decided to wear the dress since it was not my usual attire (shirts and pants) and I just wanna be all girly that day...though I exude my usual 'dark' mood... ;p
Anot was in her usual retro style...like how extra cute she looks in the flora-patterned dress
and Lincha looked real sweet (as always) even though she did put on my bat-shaped necklace

we grab a bite at SR coz it had been quite a while since any of us eat there
but Lincha was not that hungry that time, so, she did some FYP work
how very diligent of her, right

well, this was before going into the cinema
we sure love to take pictures anywhere... (>.<)
rather than Silent Hill 2, we watched Ted that day...
coz Anot didn't like those kind of movies much
and we just wanna have fun

we played bowling before going into the movie...
I lost big time... '-_-
don't know what's wrong with me...ha...ha...
then, before going back, we went to Mines to go to the karaoke place there
we got a very secluded booth and went all crazy, singing out of tune and stuff
especially me...I'm tone deaf

while at Mid, I got to buy my fav BR flavour (Cherry Jubilee) with another scoop free as it was 'Pink Wednesday'
Lincha and I put on pink ribbons when we got in the lines and actually, just one of us was enough
coz there was no way, we could both eat 2 scoops each
the line was pretty long coz since it was also the 31st, BR was giving 50% off on some 'items'

the day ended with the 3 of us feeling damn exhausted
but exhilarated
we are already planning our next big 'outing'
gonna do crazier stuff
at crazier place
(~ ,^^)~   ~(^^, ~)


lettersfromlaunna said...

It looks like you had fun, I wish I had done more of this when I was your age. Nice memories to have:)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

it's okay
can still be a bit crazy
even though you have become a mom