09 August 2012

just a little post about 'stuff'

well, today, I'm just gonna go on a materialistic kinda post
just wanna post stuff that I have that was kinda 'recent'
some were from my birthday
and some coz I've been wanting them

all of these plushies were either from a person or from a bank (CIMB octopus)
the latest was the white bear, Lincha gave it to me for my b-day
I would generally never buy a plushie for myself
coz I have this insane notion that they'll come to life and kill me

my new lappy, that I named 'Prophy'
mommy bought it for my b-day too
I just luuurrrveee using it
and I'm doing a lot of purple this year
(black is always)

 these two jeans were what my little sis, Canca, bought for me for my b-day
they were not quite cheap and really glad she wanna buy them
coz I really need new ones, anyway
thanks a lot, sis.!.

the Pokemon capsules I got when I went to iOi mall with one of my besties, Afiq
they were pretty expensive, considering the size
RM5 each
but I'm still gonna keep buying them whenever I have the chance
coz I'm weak like that
~(^^, )~


 my new (below) and old (above) specs
yup...they are basically the same
the difference was just the designs on the specs 'handles'

the cardigan that I have been searching for so long
also bought it at iOi mall
they have some pretty awesome stuff there
it was hard searching for one that is button-up that goes all the way to my chin
most of the button-up cardigans or sweaters for girls that I found, buttons barely till the chest
so, was pretty damn lucky when I found this one

new shoes that mommy bought for me
very2 cheap as it has 50% off
I'm gonna milk her for another pair
buying this one coz I don't have green shoes yet
yeah, it's green...not blue

just a new money-box
actually, I didn't really have to buy it as I can store my money anywhere
like in a huge mug or a regular box
but I just like this post-box-style

so, anyway...
I gotta save some money now
already on the way
coz I really wanna go to London for Canca's graduation
mommy told me to have at least RM3000 if I wanna go
so, I'm on my way to save some
slowly, yet steadily
got only 10 months to do that
hope I'll succeed
(~ ,^^)~ ~(^^, ~)

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