23 August 2012

the yum yum

during Raya, 90% of the things I ate
are jellies, puddings, cakes, muffins, ice-creams.....
well, you get the drift
the only substantial food I ate was
damn spicy noodle soup (I made the 'sambal')
and only 2-3 satays (I helped putting them on stick with my cousies)
so not healthy rite...

the red velvet cake that Suti made
it was freaking delicious
and I'm ashamed to say, I'm the reason it finished so quickly
just can't stop myself.!.
even got the last slice

I think these were from 'Rumah Pudding'
it was a house that we went every year
and it always has this one succulent custard pudding
and other kinds of deserts too

the 1st 3 bowls of trifles that I was making with Yam 

 we made the custard sweeter than necessary

me, slicing up the peaches for the layers
and of course eating bits of it a little

but we didn't put the 3rd layer; the jelly
so, maybe this was a doubles

 the 2nd batch was my own doing
decided to make it before I went home yesterday

 this time, I used some sour black cherries too
but I used the juice from the peaches to soak up the cake (1st layer) a bit

we called the cherries 'scarab beetles'
since we were watching The Mummy Returns at that time

but this time, I did put the jelly
I used the juice from the cherries to make it
so, my trifles had that sweet-sour taste to them
depending on which one you bite into 1st

the first (of many) bowl
I ate it after about 1 hour cooling it in the fridge
just couldn't resist
/(^^, )

 helping mommy making 'kuih gunting'
one of my fav snacks
this was the 2nd batch
the 1st finished before Raya

  Enab made a mistake while trying to make choco indulgence (I think)
too many cocoa powder

 going okay on the next try
I'm just helping her a bit 

the finished cake

now she was putting in the fillings and all
it had 4 layers if I'm not mistaken 

it was pretty nice, considering it was her 1st try
good job.!.

but now, I'm home
so, maybe I should lay down the sweets for a while
my blood can be used as syrup as it is

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