15 August 2012

mission 1, complete.!.

well, I've finally done downloading all Conan-kun episodes and movies that I'm able to get to
I'm able to move on now...hahaha...NOT
now, I'm gonna rest Prophy a bit since we are going back to Kelantan today
then, when we get back, I'm gonna try to get to the other missions
and since I already have stock piled on my entertainment, I'm sure I won't get bored over there...
well, then again...I'm never really bored
there are so much to do at the place I called my 2nd home with all my lovely cousins
\(^^, )/
anyway, now, I have hundreds of things to watch and dozens of games to play
ooohhh, yeah
~(*o*)~   |(^.^)|   ~(*o*)~

p/s:...my short sem results (damn, they came out fast...just finished the exams 2 days ago... :O ...) are okay...but I wish it could be better... ('~')\

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