01 November 2010


well, my sports life kinda took off nicely during 1st sem
i went tryouts 4 basketball n softball
i wud go 4 netball (obviously), but they seemd 2 ave enuf people already
our softball team (just ko-Q) got 2nd place out of 6...kinda...lolz
n da K16 basketball team went down during quater final wit ----...
hahahahaha...well, at least we got 2 go 2 quarters...da best 8 out of 16 or more...
anyhow, if i goota choose, i wud choose a sport where i can control da ball wit my bare hands...lolz...

basketballerz (minus 1...lolz...)

besties X)

da tournament banner

group 3's softballers

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