17 November 2010

hari raya korban

it was 1 of da best hari raya korban...eventhough ahmad n aweh werent here
we had sm trouble at da beginning...da cow just didnt want 2 lay down
myb it knew wut was gonna happend 2 it...haha
n kholi got kicked buy da cow...but since it was down, it didnt do much damage
im 1 of those who gave my akad...other than enak, ayah mat, abah, mat, warith n k.alya...so, 1/7 each
da ritual was awesome...da blood splatterd everywhere...ayah cik, ayah su n kholi got a lot of blood on them...it was cool...believe me...
after dat, we cut up da cow n devided 5kg 4 us n 5kg 4 'sedekah'...it was kinda
tiresome since all parts of it cud b eaten...except da horns n teeth...
hell...even da brain n bones were edible...tihihi
we made da meat into bbq, 'gulai' n we fried it...but i didnt eat any...coz meat was certainly not 1 of da food i like 2 consume...
then we gor 2 eat suti's oreo cheesecake...it was damn good...so good, half of it was finished just under 15 mins...lolz
all n all, 2day was 1 awesome day wit da family

cutting up da meat

blood all over

bbq-ed beef

delicious oreo cheesecake


Imah Ims said...

Babe, I rindu nak dgr cerita Suti and bakery, ahmad, toheng, and cousins of yours :'(

Sayid Ann Ima said...

miss u 2 babe
dats y i asked when will u get back here

Mr Lonely said...

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Een Hariri said...

cheesecake sayid nampak macam menggiurkan.haha

Sayid Ann Ima said...

ianya bkn saja nmpk begitu
rasanya pun mmg sgt2 sedap