12 April 2011


best friends forever
or as people nowadays called it (BFF)
a bff is usually someone who is
in the same wavelength like u
no matter how diff u guys dress like
but u usually think the same thing
if u r a girl, there r the upside and downside of having a

boy as ur bff
---well, he can help u with matters of the heart when it comes to guy stuff
as he understand guys better (...well, sometimes...lolz...)
---u guys love each other
without having the need to go through any emotional stuff
---he is not emotional
so, u can get objective opinions from him
---even though he knows there is something wrong wit u
he wont push u into telling him untill u want to
---he'll always protect u and able 2
when the situation arise
---he can help u wit lifting heavy stuff whenever u need da help
day or nite
---n, there r no possibilities of
falling for the same guy

girl as ur bff
---gives u emotional support
n let u pour ur heart out while she is crying wit u
---she tends to support u
whenever u wanna get ur revenge on sm bitches
---she knows there is something wrong with u
just by looking at how u dress
---always have the drive to shop wit u
n give objective opinion on ur clothing choices

well, they r pretty much the same anyway...
n if u r a guy, just minus n add a few things
whatever it is,
having a few close friends that u can tell anything to
is sometimes better than ur special someone
coz he/she sometimes doesnt think the way u do

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