03 April 2011

stupid page

i was on9ing and saw some status from Sarkasis
(...who has a really cool blog and fb page...whoever read it should follow it...and like it...)
about a page on fb...i dont wanna say it, coz just thinking about it makes me wanna puke
n i was like
seriously, the page was so effing stupid about girls n guys who upload seriously 'cute' annoying pics of themselves n wait 4 people 2 vote for i
when i read da info on da page, i really am nearly puking my guts out
how fucking fake more can people b
da girls were somewhat understandable but really2 low n the guys...urghhh the guys...
dont they ever heard of 'dignity'...probably not...
if u noe u r sweet, or cute or whatever else, do u really want people 2 vote 4 it...
they ban Sarkasis...coz of some very true stuff it said...
but i think da damn page itself should b closed
wth happend 2 da world

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