01 March 2012

mirror, mirror on the wall

as a person, or more commonly, as a girl
I sure like to look at reflective things
mirrors, glasses, spoons (haha), screens
anything that can reflect enough
but to have a mirror in my room all the time, where I'll glance at it once a while, is a NO-NO
I have one...of course...how else I'm gonna do my make-up... ;p
but I'll always cover it up or turn it facing the wall or put it in my closet after I've finish using it
I don't know when it started
but maybe coz I've watched or read too much...if you know what I mean...tihihi
I know I'm being silly-ly superstitious...but I just can't help it

p/s:...and oh, welcome March...hope you'll be another good one... X)

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