22 March 2012

preview; 'Pattani; Di Sini Bermula'

we had a bit of a preview last night
at the Serumpun Food Court
we only did the 1st scene
where the king died
 the one on the left was the old outfit...and on the right was the outfit for the preview
we are gonna wear different things on the actual performance night
 sooo much haaaiiirrr.!.
 it's name is Boboy
it's so cute I can't just keep myself from petting it
but it kinda turn away from girls
guess we are just too 'hot'

 the 3 silly best friends
who are also the palace guards
 there was Mak Inang, a funny character, and me with Aimi, 1 of the dancers
she's also the one in charge of the costumes and make-ups
and she's damn good at it

thank you to my besties
Afiq, Anot and Lincha
for coming to the cafe to watch our very short gimmick
even though you guys have work and studying to do
hope you guys will be able to go to the real thing too
and all are welcome to see us
at Panggung Percubaan, UPM
23rd March (tomorrow)
at 8pm-9.30pm
see you guys there


Phaya Pipit Phakdi said...


But why the Thai-corrupted "Pattani" and not the correct Patani?

Sayid Ann Ima said...

I'm not quite sure
maybe coz we are portraying the Thai's royalties before they got into Patani
and that's why we use the spelling