10 October 2011

what kind of serial killer i think i would be

sometimes we like two opposite things that makes people say 'what?!' when they hear it
because it's like a funny or an unthinkable concept to them
prime example, yours truly
i like, i mean, i love horror thriller ghost movies where the people in it are tortured and killed in every way possible
slasher, splatter types are damn awesome
these kind of movies just keep me going...i watch or turn them on whenever i want my creative juices to flow or just to get in the mood to do some work
and on the other hand, i also like musical stuff
where there are love and joy and everybody has a happy ending for them
they are fun to watch...especially when there are a lot of dancing involves
so, people generally would give a reaction like this whenever i tell them i like musicals;
"what?! you like those stuff? i didnt know that. i thought you are into -insert horror or similar type- movies"
well, yes...i like both of them...and i know they are totally different from each other...but there's nothing wrong with it...
so, in answer to the title
i would probably be a serial killer who kills performers and told them to sing or act for me while i slowly torture them...force them to just keep it going with their performance no matter in how much pain they are cause i threaten to torture their families...
oh, my...that thought sure made me think a few things...

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