21 October 2011

punched in the stomach

since the last 3-2 weeks, i decided to take up teakwondo again
i was already a green II...but since that was 11 years ago, i think starting again would be a good decision
the training was held twice, tuesday and thursday
which was really good since the classes for next day started late or none at all (friday)
and also, they fit right in wit my schedule
anyway, last night's training was the least exhausting and brutal
but it was the 1 that gave me a few bruises
on my wrists (especially on the right) and my tummy (but this was not so much)
for the wrists, it got hurt when we were told to punch and someone will blocked it
and since the one who did the blocking was a black belt, the force of the blocking was equivalent to being punched in the hand...hahaha...
it's a good thing when they punched, they didnt really go all out... >.<
as for my tummy, it was when the trainer told us to select a partner and hit each other in the tummy 10 times each
i got hit by 4 different people and one of them was a black belt
it was a good thing my tummy was kinda strong...so, no harm there...
just gotta strengthen it some more

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